Apex Trader Partners with The People’s Exchange - KuCoin

2019/07/10 19:40:46Announcements

If you have been with Apex Trader from near the beginning of the journey you know just how far the bot has come in terms of stability, features and community cohesion not seen anywhere else in the space.

If you’re only now hearing about Apex, Apex Trader is the fastest growing automated crypto trading platform. Apex now have the best combination of bot-as-a-service, configuration capabilities, performance, features and pricing of any bot on the market.

With growth comes opportunity, and Apex take great pleasure in announcing integration with one of the best Cryptocurrency exchanges available today - KuCoin.

Selecting KuCoin was an easy decision for Apex, even more so following the upgrade to their API, which opened up a number of new opportunities and ease of use.

KuCoin comes with its own native token ‘KCS’ which can be utilized in a number of different ways. A couple to note, holding more than 6 KCS tokens for 24 hours makes you eligible to receive a proportion of KCS back, based on the amount of KCS you hold - more on this here. Not only that, if you hold more than 100 KCS you can reduce your fees (maker) by 25%! This is the first of 10 possible levels! See more below.

The exchange itself offers 9 tradeable base coins, which is a huge number, ranging from the native KCS token to NEO as well as 5 different stable coins! This really opens up opportunities to Apex users, giving them a vast amount of tradeable choices under one roof - currently over 400 pairs!

Apex has always been very community driven from the start, listening to the user base in terms of features to implement as well as building a tight nit discord community that is driven to help, share and build strategies for other users. Apex recognize this very same drive and focus on KuCoin, which is great to see!

Apex Trader offers a free 7 day trial with no feature limitations! Follow the trial link via our webpage - https://apextrader.io/

Click here to create a KuCoin account!