Celebrate KCS Super Week: Get Lottery Tickets to Win 21,000 KCS

2022-03-29 18:03:06--

To celebrate the release of KuCoin Token (KCS) Whitepaper, the KCS team has partnered with KuCoin to launch the KCS Super Week event! Read the KCS Whitepaper and answer the questions to earn a lottery ticket and try your luck to win a share of 21,000 KCS, up to 5,000 KCS for each user!  

Event Duration: 10:00:00, 03/29/2022 - 10:00:00, 04/03/2022 (UTC) 


>>> How Do I Get a Lottery Ticket? <<<

Main Event

1. Join the quiz and stake 1 KCS

Participate in the KCS prize quiz from the event page and win a chance to stake 1 KCS by answering questions correctly. You will automatically receive a lottery ticket upon staking the KCS. You can participate in multiple quizzes and stake to receive up to 100 lottery tickets.    

* Staked KCS will be automatically returned to your Main Account within 7 workdays after the end of the event.

* The answers to all questions of the quiz can be found on the KCS Whitepaper. Make sure to read the Whitepaper carefully.

2. Team up with friends to earn more lottery tickets 


1). User A sends their UID to user B, inviting them to form a team. 

2). User B binds the referral code (i.e., user A's UID) through the event page. 

3). The team is created, providing both user A and user B with a lottery ticket. 

* Users can share their UID to create teams with multiple friends. The more teams you create, the more lottery tickets you will earn. There are no limits to the amount of teams you can create.

* A single user can only bind a referral code (i.e., other user's UID) once.

* To create a team, both users in the team must participate in the quiz and stake 1 KCS. 

* Click to join the KCS official community to form a team.

Side Event

* Get more Lottery Tickets

Side Event 1: KCCKCC Special Events
Side Event 2: Margin KCS x KuCoin Margin — Whitepaper Release Bonus: KCS Trading Trial Funds for Everyone!
Side Event 3: Futures Celebrate the Release of KCS White Paper! 50,000 USDT in Rewards on KuCoin Futures!
Side Event 4: Trading Bot Exclusive KCS DCA Bot Competition, 10,000 USDT To Be Won!
Side Event 5: Community Attention KCS Fans! The Official KCS Group Has Been Established!
Side Event 6: Mojito Play With MojitoSwap, 100,000 USDT Top Prize to Win

>>> How to Participate ?<<<

All winning tickets are drawn through the KCC smart contract. On April 04, 2022 10:00:00 (UTC), the draw will be streamed live via YouTube. After the livestream, the list of winners will be published via announcement. 

*Follow the official KuCoin YouTube channel

>>>Prize Distribution <<<

Prize Items Quantity
Grand Prize 5,000 KCS + LOMEN 1
1st Prize 1,000 KCS + LOMEN 4
2nd Prize 200 KCS + LOMEN 15
3rd Prize 20 KCS 200
4th Prize 5 KCS 1,000

1. The winner of the Grand Prize should contact us via [email protected] to claim the prize. Winners in the KCC side event will be issued rewards to their KCC address. Other winners will be issued rewards to their KuCoin account.  

2. After the event, rewards will be issued to eligible users within 7-14 working days. 


1. The Lottery tickets are issued in a limited amount every day. First come, first served.

2. Rewards will not be issued to any duplicate or fake accounts found to have been cheating or engaging in any other fraudulent behavior. 

3. The KuCoin and KCS team reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event. 

KuCoin Team 

This activity is not related to Apple Inc.  

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