KuCoin to Adjust the Price Increment Unit from Feb 27th, 2019

The adjustment will be applied to 122 trading pairs (including BTC/USDT, ETH-BTC, ETH-USDT etc.)

2019/02/25 20:11:00
Change Log, 23rd July, 2018

KuCoin Website Update Newly added: KuCoin Plus trading area Fixed: Fixed bugs Improvements: KuCoin home page upgrade and revision Market page upgrade and revision Upgraded… Continue ReadingChange Log, 23rd July, 2018

2018/07/23 14:23:35
Change Log, 2nd July, 2018

KuCoin Website Update Improvements: Optimized incentive bonus distribution Improved deposit receipt notification Optimized the management of the special cryptocurrency address Take effect to cancel withdrawal… Continue ReadingChange Log, 2nd July, 2018

2018/07/02 19:36:49
Change Log, 2nd June, 2018

KuCoin Web Update Newly added: Added Vietnamese and Turkish language options Improvements: Optimized the KuCoin bonus and referral bonus distribution system Changed the deduction manner… Continue ReadingChange Log, 2nd June, 2018

2018/06/02 15:43:38
Change Log, 19th May, 2018

KuCoin Website Update 1. Individual KYC Verification System 2. Self-solving Google 2FA 3. Optimize transaction record export function 4. New asset overview optimization adjustments 5.… Continue ReadingChange Log, 19th May, 2018

2018/05/19 16:22:44
Change Log, 4th May, 2018

KuCoin Website Update 1. Introducing ST (Special Treatment) token tag. 2. KuCoin referral bonus reopened. 3. Vote for token listing, system update. 4. Password reset… Continue ReadingChange Log, 4th May, 2018

2018/05/04 14:18:08
Change Log, 23rd,April

Changes on Website 1. Added export trading record. 2. Optimization of voting for coin listing. 3. Optimization of two step verification at log in. 4.… Continue ReadingChange Log, 23rd,April

2018/04/23 21:00:18
Change Log, 9th,April

Changes on Website 1. New features added to enhance security verification.  These include, security login safe word and security questions.
 2. Optimization to unbind Google… Continue ReadingChange Log, 9th,April

2018/04/09 16:27:56
Change Log, 2nd,March

Changes on Website 1. Optimization of Japanese, Korean, Russian and Dutch version 2. Support ETH smart contract transfer 3. Optimization and bugs fixed Changes on… Continue ReadingChange Log, 2nd,March

2018/03/02 17:26:01
Change Log, 12th,February

Changes on Website 1. Optimization of English and Spanish 2. Added comfirmation withdrawal by email 3. Optimization of setup Google 2-FA 4. Optimization of language… Continue ReadingChange Log, 12th,February

2018/02/12 10:13:20