Earn BTC in September — 6th Session of the KuCoin Content Creator Program

Earn BTC in September — 6th Session of the KuCoin Content Creator Program

08/31/2022, 10:00:11

Dear KuCoin Users,

We are proud to announce the launch of the 6th session (September) of the KuCoin Content Program, which will run from 10 am on Sept. 1, 2022, until 10 am on Sept. 28, 2022 (UTC).

In this new session, we have prepared 4 new topics for all industry enthusiasts, and content creators are welcome to participate actively and win great prizes. Please do not miss the great opportunity to show your talent in content creation and win the BTC from our $1 million rewards pool!

Rewards of Top Works:

Excellent works on each subject will receive a BTC reward worth $500 each. Every user can participate in up to 3 topic creations per month. In addition, every month, we will select 1 best creator and grant an additional reward of $1,250.

The works submitted by creators will be scored by the KuCoin content review team from the following five dimensions, each one has a different score ratio, and the total score is 100 points. To win, you must score at least 70 out of 100. The criteria for content evaluation are as follows:

  • How on-brand the content is (how well it highlights KuCoin) - 15 scores
  • How creatively written the content is (organic and interesting perspectives) - 15 scores
  • The level of influence you wield on the content over social media - 20 scores
  • How well the content provides an accurate reflection of the topic - 15 scores
  • The overall effectiveness of the content (valid new users brought to KuCoin) - 20 scores
  • How standard and relevant your backlinks are to corresponding pages on KuCoin-15 scores.

Note: The criteria above is a new version of the criteria from previous sessions. So careful checking by the participants is suggested.

5000 USDT Extra Rewards Pool (Updated):

To encourage more users to participate, we exclusively set an extra rewards pool. Participants who create content as required but fail to win the $500 BTC reward will still get at most 3 chances monthly to share from the Extra rewards pool if the content they created meets any one of the following standards. A $5,000 prize pool can be equally shared for them. In view of the current increasingly fierce competition, in order to make the rewards shared by each work larger, we have adjusted the award threshold accordingly.

Within 10 days after you publish the content on your social media, your work receives:

a. 3000+ video views (If you create video content).

b. More than 350 “Likes.”

c. More than 300 “Comments.”

To get more details on how to participate monthly, please click here to learn more!


1. The rewards will be distributed before October 15th;

2. Creators found to have plagiarized their entries or engaged in cheating in any other way will be disqualified from the program.

3. KuCoin reserves all rights to update, modify, revise, and repost any content submitted through this program without prior notice.

4. KuCoin reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event.

This activity is not related to Apple Inc.

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