Announcement of the Adjustment Tick Size for LUNA/USDT Trading Pair

2022/05/28 11:10:29お知らせ

Dear KuCoin Users,

In order to provide an exceptional trading experience for our users, KuCoin will be adjusting the tick size (i.e., the minimum change in the unit price) of the LUNA/USDT trading pair as shown in the table below at 19:30 on May 28, 2022 (UTC).

Please note:

  1. The adjustment will not impact LUNA trading operations.
  2. Tick size via API will also change. API users may use GET /api/v1/symbols exchange info for the latest tick size.
  3. The tick size update will not affect existing orders. After the tick size is updated, orders placed before the update will be matched with the original tick size.

Details are as follows:

TypeTrading PairBeforeAfter
Spot TradingLUNA/USDT0.0000000010.0001

Please adjust your trading strategy according to the change to avoid unnecessary impact on your tra

ding. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.


The KuCoin Team

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