KuCoin Survey Reveals Women Prefer Long-Term Crypto Investments and Are Interested in AI-Related Crypto Projects

2023/03/07 08:05:35

Survey Reveals More Than Half Of Female Crypto Investors Are Crypto HODLers

With the International Women’s Day coming up, KuCoin - the People’s Exchange, has conducted a women’s day survey to celebrate the spirit of gender inclusion in the crypto market and to gather insights from those who invest in cryptocurrencies and use digital assets daily. KuCoin has developed this Women's Day Survey Report 2023 based on a total sample of 577 crypto investors, including 360 males and 217 females, polled from February 24th to March 3rd, 2023 via KuCoin’s communities and social media.

Five key insights were revealed in the survey report:

Insight #1 - Women tend to be crypto HODLers and invest for the long-term.

Despite the volatility of the crypto market, 52% of female crypto investors say that they HODL crypto, which the share is much higher than the 38% among male investors. When it comes to motivations for crypto investment, 44% of female crypto investors think that crypto is a great source of passive income for wealth accumulation, while only 36% of male investors could say the same. This suggests that women investors tend to invest with a long-term mindset, and more women entering crypto investment may contribute to the stability of the market.

Insight #2 - Women are more cautious but less confident in crypto investment

35% of female crypto investors are self-reportedly “very confident” in crypto investment, which is lower compared to 47% of male investors who claim to be very confident in such. Nearly half of women investors say that they are “somewhat confident” in crypto investment, suggesting a more conservative and cautious attitude in this matter. When being asked about the challenges encountered when investing in crypto, 44% of women are concerned about the risk and instability associated with crypto, while it is significantly higher than the 28% of their male counterparts.

This echoes with the previous finding, implying that women tend to seek long-term value and are not easily swayed by volatility of the market. Both genders say that keeping up with the knowledge and skills required is the top challenge when it comes to investing in crypto, suggesting more education and learning resources are needed to fulfill the appetites of potential investors.

Insight #3 - 38% of female crypto investors are interested in AI-related crypto projects.

Apart from Web3, DeFi and AI are the two hottest themes in crypto investment going forward, and are triggering women’s interests more than men’s. 41% of female crypto investors are interested in investing in DeFi projects and 38% are interested in AI-related tokens. On the other hand, women crypto investors are set to do more research before investing as 14% of them are not sure about which tokens to invest going forward.

Insight #4 - It's all about DYOR (Do Your Own Research). Women are self-motivated but talk less about crypto. It’s important for women to start conversations around crypto.

58% of women say that they make crypto investment decisions by doing their own research, and when being asked about who motivated them to start their crypto journey, 49% of female crypto investors are reported to be self-motivated.

However, we also found that women might be having less conversations around crypto, whether publicly on social media or privately among their circles of friends and families. When it comes to making crypto investment decisions, only 24% of women are influenced by social media trends and 19% by conversations with friends and families, while the percentages are much higher among men: 37% and 27% respectively. Only 54% of women claim that they have influenced or inspired others to start their crypto investment journey, which is lower than 66% among men.

Insight #5 - Over a third will share investment tips to support women in crypto. Nearly 40% of female crypto investors look forward to more job opportunities and storytelling for women in crypto.

In addition to joining online communities and attending online events, 37% of investors are open to sharing investment tips to encourage more women to step into crypto investment, which can be a great way for women to start conversations around crypto. More communities, educational resources, and rewards for women are considered the most effective ways for the crypto industry to become more women-friendly.

In the women’s point of view, having more females working in the industry and telling more stories about women in crypto can genuinely make a difference. 40% of female crypto investors think that recruiting more women to work in the crypto industry, and 37% think that telling more stories about women in crypto can help the industry become more women-friendly. These initiatives are relatively neglected by men, which respectively 30% and 32% think in the same way.

At KuCoin, we believe in empowering women in every industry, including the world of crypto. This survey had gathered valuable insights into women in the crypto industry, and to inspire more women to get involved. As more crypto users onboarding, we are looking forward to seeing more representation from women. The crypto industry still has a long way to go to create a more inclusive space for women, but we believe that by working together, we can break down barriers and drive development.

>>>>>> Read the full survey report here.

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