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2022/06/29 10:00:00

The online creative industry has for a long time been plagued by counterfeiting and theft. To solve this problem, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) cropped up, giving creators a chance to earn from their work. However, NFTs also made it easy for malicious actors to sell stolen art.

NFT technology does have multiple shortcomings however that affect both creators and collectors. For instance, the technology does not offer details about the original creator of a piece of art. Additionally, it is difficult for IP owners to enforce copyright claims.

NFT collectors also lack ways to verify the authenticity of the digital collectibles they possess. The only way to verify an NFT’s authenticity is by auditing the blockchain which can be a complex task. As a result, the value of the asset can be in question.

Additionally, there isn’t multi-factor authentication for digital assets. This defect forces users to trust traditional contracts or agreements or to accept the NFT’s authenticity of the digital asset based on trust.

REV3AL is launching as a multi-layered authentication and copyright protection technology solution to protect collectors, brands, and IP owners against counterfeiting and intellectual property theft. The technology platform and upcoming API allows artists and creators to secure the authenticity of digital media prior to minting and ensure NFTs are authenticated at the point of creation. This provides IP owners with cutting-edge and dynamic layers of protection against counterfeiting.

On the other hand, collectors can use REV3AL to verify and maintain the value of NFTs and digital media assets. REV3AL offers visual, on-platform, and physical multi-factor authentication of digital assets. Check out what is REV3AL by watching this video on KuCoin YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/NhTrVGFGCNg

How Does REV3AL Work?

REV3AL technology applies to any digital assets on or off the blockchain. The REV3AL platform is blockchain-agnostic and features a multi-layer authentication system, secure asset registry, and a portable API solution for seamless integration into multiple platforms.

Through the REV3AL platform, users can authenticate digital media assets before launch, verify the authenticity of NFTs, and reveal counterfeit or altered media. The platform leverages three principles of anti-counterfeit protection. These are overt, covert, and forensic security techniques.

Overt features can be seen without a tool or in-depth interaction, while covert features are obscure and hidden. Forensic features require in-depth knowledge and interrogation or specialized tools to verify.

REV3AL leverages several authentication layers from the above categories to create an effective and dynamic anti-counterfeit solution. Just like a door with multiple keys, passcodes, and biometrics, while a thief might be able to overcome one of the systems, they cannot bypass all protective mechanisms.

REV3AL seeks to prevent multiple forms of counterfeiting, starting from simple screenshots, fake posts/listings, removal of copyrights, and alteration of secure data for digital IDs, certificates, and tickets.

Apart from the certification and authentication solution, REV3AL plans to roll out a secure marketplace and metaverse through partnerships with leading VR/AR players. This marketplace will offer users a curated experience allowing them to view artwork and digital products in dynamic virtual environments.

The REV3AL (REV3L) token will play a massive role in the verification of digital assets, and the REV3AL community will be responsible for enabling these functions, with community members getting incentives for their work.

REV3L will also offer holders the ability to vote on certain marketplace projects, access to community-only sections of the REV3AL marketplace, early access to NFT and artwork auctions and pre-sales, NFT airdrops, and community rewards, among other benefits.

By taking REV3L, community members will get a chance both to earn and contribute to charitable causes as the platform will dedicate a fraction of the yield to support independent and direct charity organizations that focus on mental health, youth empowerment, and the environment.

What Makes REV3AL Unique?

REV3AL leverages hybrid technology, which simplifies its use in sec tech, ad tech, and event tech applications. Unlike other anti-counterfeiting platforms, REV3AL is developing a way to view secure data offline including in the physical world.

This feature would further prevent third parties from intercepting data to orchestrate attacks, and by leveraging image encryption, REV3AL hopes to make its solution futureproof and resistant to sophisticated attacks. With multiple future applications for secure messaging, seed phrase storage, and multi-factor authentication, among others.

Who Created REV3AL?

The team behind the REV3AL project has decades of combined experience across cybersecurity, technology, product & IP development, and the creative industries. The management team includes Mo Kumarsi as Chief Executive Officer, Adam Russell as Chief Revenue Officer, Eric Prouty as Chief Product Officer, Georgina Woolams-Edwards as Chief Marketing Officer, and Bernard O’Flynn as Chief Technology Officer.

REV3AL also has a robust team of advisors, including Forward Protocol co-founder Karnika Yashwant, NFT Technologies CEO Mario Nawfal, MetaVrse founder Alan Smithson, HBAR Foundation’s Alex Russman, and MetaVgroup co-founder Enzo Wolf, among others.

The REV3AL team has over 50 strategic partners including investment, technology, metaverse, and blockchain partners like Hedera Hashgraph, MetaVrse, Alphabit, MetaVgroup, Emmersive, Near Protocol, Lauchpool, Uplift, TCG World, and Origin, to name a few.

Closing Thoughts

REV3AL provides a solution to a problem that is damaging and could significantly slow the growth of the digital asset and NFT markets. Through its proprietary solution, which focuses on creators and collectors, REV3AL positions itself as a leader in the burgeoning web3 ecosystem.

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