KuCoin AMA With Halo (HALO) — Reborn in Web3, Looking for Another You

2023/03/07 02:44:41

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: March 6, 2023, 11:00 AM - 11:52 AM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Ambassador of HALO project, Stella, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://www.halonft.art/

Whitepaper: Click to view

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Stella — HALO Ambassador

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: We are glad to announce that HALO has listed the token in KuCoin today. Some users may get curious about this project. Can you give a brief introduction to HALO?

Stella: HALO can be seen as an interactive NFT, a unique visual identification credential in Web 3.0, and provides visual DID Protocol in the metaverse. You can check my pfp. It's one of the Female HALO NFTs. But it's not just a pfp. I can use this model as my avatar in Web3 or Web2 video-streaming applications. Our early supporters must have watched my live show on discord and YouTube before. The face and motion capture is in real-time, and this Avatar can synchronize my movements. The upcoming GameFi HALOWORLD is what we built to realize that the character model is not only a static image but the reborn you in the metaverse.

Check this livestream clip as an overview.

Q: That's awesome! HALO is one of the most successful virtual human NFT projects. To keep this project popular as always, what's your next plan?

Stella: Well, HALO never stops building for its supporters. While we launched NFTs, the team was developing the GameFi HALOWORLD, which is expected to be online soon this month. This must be an epic-making GameFi; HALOWORLD is the first GameFi in the world based on UE5. We plan to do the best for the user immersion experience, focus on the details of the product, and hope to provide the most novel way to play GameFi. We will have a web version for a better experience, closer to users' life. It costs millions of dollars to achieve the effect of an immersive experience for our users. Check the trailer we posted before.

Here’s another clip showing what it is like when your avatar enters the house.

In the future, there will be more updated versions, considering adding more interactive scenes, such as social interaction, metaverse concerts, etc.

Q: Looks cool! We are all curious about how to enter this game. Do we need HALO Avatar?

Stella: HALOWORLD is jointly incubated by Lifeform and HALO. So, both HALO Avatars and Lifeform Avatars are allowed to enter this game, which may benefit both the HALO and Lifeform ecosystems, just like the token airdrop this time. But there are some differences. For example, HALO Avatars can enjoy more benefits, such as game attribute additionals. Here I can give a brief introduction to HALO Avatar NFTs. We finished the public sale of HALO Avatar NFT in a brand-new way on Lifeform Launchpad in Dec last year. There were 484 participants in total. Total committed 1,122,250 BUSD, with floor price up: 315.4%. And the winners claim the items of the Avatar and mint them with Lifeform's UE5 virtual human editor.

Here’s a Twitter update of the Lifeform Launchpad news for Halo,

Q: In addition to game attribute additionals in HALOWORLD, What are the other benefits for users who hold Avatar NFT?

Stella: Let me enumerate them:

  1. Visual DID as a credential for logging in to Web3 application.
  2. As I mentioned, you can manipulate virtual human movements in the real world, freely express emotions, make eye contact, and display expressions and very realistic body movements. So you're free to create an Internet celebrity IP with your Avatar. With everything left to the user to create, the UGC economy encourages users to create, update, and become influencers. This greatly increases HALO NFT's capacity production and efficiency, increasing user loyalty and engagement and enabling exponential growth in ecological traffic. Everyone becomes a creator and consumer of content.
  3. There is also a point that everyone has been concerned about recently, HALO token airdrop. We allocate 3% of the token as the airdrop for our ecosystem builders. HALO Avatar NFT holders can share 25% of it.

Q: I got it. HALOWORLD is a very promising game in the future. This can make the HALO token holders much more bullish on your project. Can you talk about the HALO token? Like its utilities?

Stella: HALO tokens can be used in the HALO ecosystem. The following are the usage scenarios for the HALO token:

HALO TOKEN holders have the authority to access the ecosystem and enjoy the rights of Staking, commodity purchase, HALO metaverse ticket purchase, IP operation, exclusive activities, etc. For example, HALO tokens can be used to purchase virtual commodities (such as virtual clothing and accessories) and tickets of the HALO metaverse. Furthermore, as a service provider, HALO provides users with online meetings and concert events.

Besides, we'll open token Staking for holders; they can earn profit by Staking, but details must be further announced. Also, we'll have an incentive plan. HALO tokens can incentivize users to participate in ecosystem application scenarios such as Staking, IP operation, prop services, etc. It may help build HALO, a more healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

Take a look into HALO’s Whitepaper on Medium.

Q: Can you elaborate on and explain your business model? Can you share some of the key differences between HALOWORLD and its competitors?

Stella: HALO is an ecosystem of virtual people, constantly providing applications for virtual humans. Last year, we launched NFT on both OpenSea and Binance NFT platforms, and the transaction volume always topped OpenSea and Binance NFT.

At present, all Avatars exceed 3 million, and millions of users are expected to participate in the game. Users can explore mining in the game. Of course, some special props will be sold in the game to improve the efficiency of gold mining.

HALOWORLD is different from other unity products on the market. We use the UE5 engine, which makes virtual humans hyper-realistic. You can see that many other metaverses are cartoonish. Most of the character models in general games provide users with several options. At the same time, HALOWORLD is direct access to the Avatar model owned by users. Users make this Avatar with the UE5 editor, which enables users to adjust the face contour manually. So let's look forward to HALOWORLD's launch in March. It'll be a big surprise for us.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Does the project have regional chats for participants and subscribers from different countries?

Stella: Yes. You can join our Discord community to learn more about our project.

Q: I got Avatar from Lifeform. Can I use it to play the game?

Stella: Yes. Lifeform avatars can also enter this game. However, kindly stay tuned for more details on gameplay.

Q: How is the team bringing HALO to more users?

Stella: HALOWORLD is the first GameFi developed with UE5, and HALO and Lifeform invest in it, so this will bring many users. You can check the data on-chain. There are more than 2.5 million lifeform cartoon avatars, this is going to be a huge ecosystem, and HALO eco-supporters will also benefit from this. Let's wait and see

Q: What would be your project in the market to pass your product on, especially to non-crypto persons?

Stella: As mentioned above, HALO avatar can be connected to web2 video-streaming apps, bringing many web2 users to web3 and into our ecosystem. As long as you have a HALO avatar or Lifeform avatar, you can use it to attend online meetings like Zoom or Google Meet.

Q: Does your project support staking?

Stella: We do have a plan for token Staking. You can stay tuned for more details. Many early supporters of HALO staked their NFT and earned many rewards, including Mac, iPhone, HALO Avatar NFT, etc.

Q: Please share motivating features to keep games glued to your platform in the long run.

Stella: HALOWORLD is more like a relaxing and healing game than a game. It's like Sims, your Avatar is living in another world, but he is almost doing the same things you do every day, work, rest, travel, eat, etc. He's like a friend of yours who accompanies you.

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