KuCloud: One-stop Exchange Solution, Zero-cost for Early Birds

KuCloud: One-stop Exchange Solution, Zero-cost for Early Birds

02/19/2020, 10:17:28

Dear KuCoin Users,

KuCoin Group is now seeing the debut of its one-stop cryptocurrency trading platform solution product - KuCloud: www.kucloud.me.

For those who plan to launch your own crypto spot or futures trading platforms, whatever key functionalities KuCoin and KuMEX offer, KuCloud will deliver and improve.

KuCloud distinguishes itself in:

· Security: complete tech risk-management system, main site 1000-day operation with 0 incident

· Express Deployment: one-click, launch in 72 hours

· High market depth: sharing from KuCoin&KuMEX, easy cold boot

· World’s Top Architecture: scalability, low-latency, full-stack API interface support

· Adaptability: Integrated customization with open-ended feature list

· Market fluctuation in full control: back-end data + instant alert

· All-around support: dedicated customer service, back-end operation statistics and user behavior analysis

· Spot-Futures Interconnection: Interactive deployment of spot and futures platforms

As one of the major bridgeheads in KuCoin Group’s product roadmap this year, KuCloud is now seeking like-minded partners to facilitate a stronger blockchain ecosystem, a more diversified trading channel spectrum, as well as a more sophisticated distributed financial service system.

To promote this new arrival, KuCloud is now offering early bird privilege of zero-cost to launch crypto exchange, aiming to save future fellow exchange operators million-dollar R&D input and months of time cost, which will ultimately fuel a corner overtaking on this very racing track. Email business@kucloud.me for further information.

About KuCloud

KuCloud is an advanced white-label solution offered by KuCoin Group. Standing on KuCoin’s shoulder, KuCloud fully utilize the Group’s solid independent R&D capacity, provides partners with world-class, secure, scalable and high-liquidity infrastructure technology of crypto spot and futures exchange, shoring partners to better leverage its commercial and operational edges to achieve greater good. Further information is available at www.kucloud.me.

Thanks for your support!

The KuCloud Team