A Letter to KuCoin Users from Johnny: Three Years Done, Many More to Come

A Letter to KuCoin Users from Johnny: Three Years Done, Many More to Come

09/11/2020, 04:00:00

Dear KuCoin Users,

KuCoin’s 3rd anniversary is coming, and we have officially begun our anniversary celebrations on KuCoin on September 5, 2020, sharing this special moment and happiness with our users all around the world.

Over the past three years, KuCoin have continuously introduced new products and features, improved the user experience, and empowered promising blockchain projects. We managed to gain the support and love of more than 6 million users from over 207 countries and regions.

As a striver who has been in the crypto industry for the last three years, we’ve always believed in this industry’s future.

I believe that technology is the engine that will facilitate a mass adoption of blockchain. Through self-developed innovative technologies like KuCoin 2.0, the Level 3 data push mechanism, WAF protection system and more, KuCoin have been able to provide users with a more stable, transparent, and safer trading environment. Meanwhile, we've focused on selecting technical background projects for users around the world. Now, KuCoin has listed 250+ high-quality blockchain projects with 450+ trading pairs, providing users with a wealth of investment options.

I believe that promising products will boost the development of the industry and bring value to users. From a crypto-to-crypto trading platform to a friendly, easy-to-use exchange, KuCoin have not only provided comprehensive financial service, but also launched Fast Buy and Instant Exchange as well as KuCoin Futures Lite version, which have significantly lowered barriers that prevented users from accessing the cryptocurrency world in the past.

I believe that high-quality services make the crypto industry that much more welcoming. KuCoin is adhering to a 24/7 service concept. Nearly 20 KuCoin Global Communities have been established worldwide, connecting more than half a million users and providing them with localized services. We’ve also opened blockchain courses to improve users’ blockchain knowledge and literacy, and help more people discover the greater value inherent in cryptocurrency.

With three years done, it’s time to turn and contemplate the future.

In the future, I hope to provide users with more investment products and asset allocation choices. Therefore, KuCoin will continue to select more promising crypto assets from around the world.

I hope that blockchain is more than just an impersonal cryptocurrency transaction, but instead a more comfortable innovative financial service. So we will accelerate the integration development of innovative finance like blockchain and crypto into traditional finance, providing a better product and trading experience to users.

I hope to bring KuCoin's high-quality products and services to more users around the world. Therefore, KuCoin will further expand its globalized strategy. This starts with the launch of KuCoin's Global Affiliate Program, which will accelerate the progress of KuCoin globalization.

KuCoin has always strongly supported the development of high-quality blockchain projects. KuCoin will empower these projects from the underlying technical environment, business application scenarios, initial token distribution, token circulation, user and community, and future on-chain governance, etc. We are willing to cooperate with more innovative blockchain projects to boost the development of blockchain.

I believe that, with a sense of mission for the blockchain, we will overcome countless challenges. Let's go and create the infinite possibilities of blockchain in the future.

Johnny Lyu, KuCoin Global CEO