KuCoin AMA Series - Trias - Full Transcript

2019/05/22 19:51:53News

(UTC+8) 17:00:00, May 17th, 2019, KuCoin hosted the First AMA(Ask-Me-Anything) session with the second KuCoin Spotlight project - Trias in the Official English Telegram Group.

The AMA session was composed of 2 sections: 1. Q&A from KuCoin 2. Q&A from audiences.

Guest Information

Dr. Anbang Ruan (Co-Founder/CEO) – Holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Oxford, and an MSc in Computer Security from Peking University. He is the founder and CEO of Octa Innovations and a former Research Associate in Trusted Cloud from the Oxford e-Research Center (OeRC). He has over 10-years research experience in Trusted Computing, Trusted Cloud Platform, Cloud Computing Security and Virtualized Platform Security, and served as a reviewer in Trusted Cloud for the Journal of ACM.

About Project

Trias - An all-platform-supported (Server, PC, Mobile, IoT, etc.) native- application-compatible smart contract execution platform, development framework and collaborating ecosystem. TRIAS aims to define a new-generation all-platform-supported public chain system. Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems make people trust in machines.

Official Website:https://www.trias.one

Official Telegram Group:https://t.me/triaslab


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Section I - Q&A from KuCoin

KuCoin: Hi, Anbang. Welcome to join our First AMA session. Could you please start by giving us a brief introduction about Trias and the vision for your team?

Anbang: Hi everyone, I'm Anbang from Trias. Trias is targeting at building a trusted cloud infrastructure to support general-purpose enterprise applications. We are targeting at the cloud computing market, competing against the current giants with our blockchain tech.

In short: we are building an "Airbnb" for public clouds. to achieve this, two important issues need to be solved: can a guest trust the host, and can a host trust the guest? In our scenario, the guests are third-party applications, and the hosts are the computing nodes.

KuCoin: Compared to your competitors, what advantages does Trias have?

Anbang: We have a firm research background. I have started this direction since 2007 when I was doing my master program at Peking University. My publications can be traced since then. Step-by-step, we put together a full design: the Trias architecture.

Trias firstly builds a layer "-1", it provides other chain's consensus node the capabilities of verifying each other's integrity, so malicious nodes will firstly be identified and eliminated.this helps other chains to maintain a healthy network environment.

With this capability, other chains can reduce their consensus methods' complexity, hence increase speed, without reducing security strength. So with the -1 layer, we can integrate other chains, and we target at providing a general ledger-layer API to serve upper layer applications.

We believe that all chains have their own specific strength at serving specific applications' requirements so one chain cannot solve all problems. With an integrated API, we will be able to move a general-purpose enterprise-ready application to blockchains. For example: to move the entire facebook backend services to blockchains. So everyone can tell exactly: who has accessed my data! This is the smart contract that we aim to support: the DSaaS (Decentralised Software-as-a-Service), not just a small DApp for gambling games.

KuCoin: May I know the reasons why Trias chose to join KuCoin Spotlight?

Anbang: Firstly, we have a history. I met Johnny since our first launch last year. Secondly, we have the same belief, the belief in techs. Third, it the best time for us to launch the token sale.

KuCoin: Can you share with us some plans in the near future such as marketing development plans and recent operational plans for the Trias team?

Anbang: Four directions: research, products, business, and marketing. we are all in.

We have set up a joint-lab with Peking University, we currently have more than 20 researchers and 3 academic advisors from Oxford University. We work together very closely to further building the Trias architecture. We are working on at least 6 papers simultaneously.

For products: we have 3 product lines developing and testing with our potential customers. will announce them soon.

For business: we have announced a few partners, and there will be much more. we expect to reach 10m USD in revenue this year. and we have set up a branch in Tokyo. We will copy our scenarios from China to Japan, and run our DSaaS's token model.

For marketing: we believe the spirit of blockchain is community-oriented. We have had a team of more than 10 people and a few top-tier partners to work on community-building and marketing. We will let everyone in the world know Trias, and eventually use TRY. When you are sending your data on a machine, but you can't be sure whether your data will be processed by the machine, you will need TRY.

KuCoin: What do you think of the recent market with BTC on its way to break through 8000 dollars? Do you think it’s a signal of the bull market?

Anbang: I don't know whether the bull has come, I think no one knows. But I believe it is a good signal, and the bull will come soon.

I think there are more and more major players joining the games, facebook, jpm etc, and there are more and more research teams from top universities joining this area. There are all good signs that the market is maturing.

Section II - Q&A from Audiences

Q: Since joining the blockchain industry, what are the circumstances that make it possible that have brought you to this industry?

Anbang: I think the blockchain industry is a branch of a bigger industry: trustworthy computing industry. and I have joined this area since 2007.

Q: Why did you select TEE Technology?

Anbang: We have more than 10 years' research in this field.

Q: They said Trias has good scalability, is this true? how will you maintain it?

Anbang: We use a graph algorithm and gossip protocols.

Q: Will the mainnet 1.0 be successfully launched this 2019 of April or June?

Anbang: Q4 this year.

Q:How do you plan to ensure price stability of TRY?

Anbang: We will build more use cases, solve critical problems in more industries so that more companies/people will need TRY.

Q: Trias adds a mechanism similar to "a reputation" in terms of consensus mechanism. What does Trias hope to solve problems?

Anbang: To increase scalability.

Q: Do you have any other business you engage in the past or maybe in the blockchain industry before launching this project?

Anbang: Yes, as we have always been solving one problem: how can people trust a machine. previously we build trusted computing technology into cloud infrastructure. and Trias is our next step.

Q: I read that the Trias project does face some problems and uncertainties during its innovation process. Firstly, its TEE solution to data computing and privacy problems are still in the early stages of the blockchain industry, how are you going to address this?

Anbang: Great thanks for your attention! TEE in the blockchain is new but TEE in cloud computing is not new. we have been working on it for a very long time.

Q: Secondly, in terms of the selection of nodes that execute its code, although the selection of supernodes themselves is based on 'trust', this design is still a centralized method. Again, how are you going to address this?

Anbang: The selection of the supernodes is based on the network's dynamics.

Q: Why you decide to join the crypto world?

Anbang: To spread our techs to the word.

Q: On what facets that you think Trias will draw many investors than well-known competitors in the same field?

Anbang: We are making money, and will make more.

Q: What are the high points that underlie in this innovation of Trias?

Anbang: Layer -1 and DSaaS model.

Q: Any highlights to unveil today for us users that we tend to foresee on the future plans on Trias being a novelty project?

Anbang: We will have much more business collaboration to announce, very soon.

Q: Dr. Anbang thank you for your time. My question is regarding cloud hosting, will there be a masternode programme?

Anbang: Yes, and it will be quite different from the current mainstream programs.