Promotion Program: The VIP Journey Begins

Promotion Program: The VIP Journey Begins

08/06/2023, 13:10:32

Dear KuCoin Users,

Welcome to KuCoin's Promotion Program: The VIP Journey Begins ! Through this event, non-VIP users can obtain VIP benefits by depositing, and special spot or futures transaction fee discounts! In addition, we also have VIP1 membership and 50USDT deduction coupons and other gifts waiting for you!

Event Period: 16:00 UTC, 12 June 2023 - 16:00 UTC , 27 June 2023

Participants: Account Balance ≥ 200,000 USDT

Event Registration: Click here to fill out the form.

💎Event 1:Discount on trading fees, deposite 50,000 USDT to upgrade from VIP0 to VIP1, save up to 4242.51 USDT per month.

*Become a KuCoin VIP user during the campaign period to enjoy the special VIP+1 fee rate (one month) and enjoy a low threshold.

VIP Tier DepositeSpot (Maker/Taker)Futures (Maker/Taker)
VIP150,000↓ 0.09%↓ 0.1%↓ 0.015%↓ 0.06%
VIP2100,000↓ 0.07%↓ 0.09%↓ 0.01%↓ 0.06%
VIP3200,000↓ 0.05%↓ 0.08%↓ 0.01%↓ 0.05%

💎KuCoin VIP users receive 50 USDT,100 USDT,200 USDT bonus voucher during the activity, further enhancing their discounts.

*Users who reach the VIP level during the event can receive rewards within 3 days after the key account manager checks.

About KuCoin VIP Service Benefits:

  • Fund Escrow
  • Exclusive 1v1 Account Manager
  • Exclusive VIP holiday events
  • Exclusive Withdrawal Limit
  • Exclusive VIP funding rates
  • VIP Holiday Benefits

Learn more about KuCoin VIP benefits: