Super Trading Bot Challenge Round 1! Share a 100,000 USDT Prize Pool!

Super Trading Bot Challenge Round 1! Share a 100,000 USDT Prize Pool!

02/22/2023, 02:18:03

Dear KuCoin Users,

The 1st round of the Super Trading Bot Challenge has been launched! Trade any token with Trading Bot to win a share of a 100,000 USDT prize pool!

Campaign Period: 2023/02/22 03:00:00 - 2023/02/26 23:59:59 (UTC)


After registration, users who trade any token on any Trading Bots during the campaign period, and complete the following tasks can win corresponding rewards.

The prize pool is 100,000 USDT in total. First come, first served!

Market: Trading Bot

Bot Strategy: Spot Grid, Futures Grid, Martingale, Infinity Grid, Smart Rebalance, DCA

Coin: Any

Task LevelRequirementsRewards
Lvl 110,000 USDT Trading Volume5 USDT
Lvl 220,000 USDT Trading Volume10 USDT
Lvl 3100,000 USDT Trading Volume50 USDT


1. Go to the Futures Grid Bot and use the leverage multiplier function to achieve the target trading volume faster.

2. Trade trilogy: Choose trading pairs, choose the entry time, and place an order. Choosing trading pairs are particularly important.

*Which pairs are suitable for grid trading?

1. High Volatility

2. High Volume

3. Low entry price

3. If you are a newbie, you can click here to learn more about trading bots.

4. Click the button below to join in the event👇

You can also follow the steps below to enter the Rewards Hub to join in the event👇


1. All users may register for the task.

2. Users who registered today cannot register for the task. Please try again 24 hours later.

3. The countdown is for tasks of all levels. The trading volume of level-1 will not be counted for level-2.

4. You need to complete the current task to continue with the next level.

5. When the trading volume of the bots reaches at least 10,000 USDT, 20,000 USDT, and 100,000 USDT, you can earn 5 USDT, 10 USDT, and 50 USDT, respectively.

6. Users who participate in more than one KuCoin Trading Bot events can only receive the largest reward.

7. The USDT rewards will be saved in Rewards Hub > Total Bonus.

8. Rewards will not be issued to any duplicate or fake accounts, as well as accounts that have been found cheating or engaging in any other fraudulent behavior.