Complete Early-bird Registration for a Share of 500,000 USDT in Gift Packs!

Complete Early-bird Registration for a Share of 500,000 USDT in Gift Packs!

14/04/2023, 23:00:12

Dear KuCoin Futures Users,

To celebrate the launch of the upgraded KuCoin Spotlight, KuCoin Futures will be launching the April Festival! Register early to get a share of 500,000 USDT!

Event Duration: 23:00 on April 14, 2023 to 10:00 on April 26, 2023 (UTC)

🎁Activity 1: Get free gift packs and join the flash sale of 99% off gift packs! First come, first served!

Click the link to go to Futures Bonus to claim your gift packs!

Limited Daily Gift Packs:

1,000 free and limited daily gift packs will be available on the KuCoin Futures bonus page each day on 09:00 (UTC) for 5 days, from April 14 to April 18. 5,000 in total and worth 25,0000 USDT!

Lowest price ever! Just 0.09 USDT for a gift pack worth 12 USDT. 50 gift packs will be available on 09:00 (UTC) each day, from April 14 to April 18.

Early Bird Gift Packs:

April Festival - Early Bird Special Gift Packs contain 10 USDT deduction coupons and 3 USDT trial funds, worth 13 USDT and now 2.99 USDT! 5,000 packs available.

April Festival - Early Bird Exclusive Gift Packs contain 40 USDT deduction coupons and 10 USDT trial funds, worth 50USDT and now 12.99 USDT! 2,000 packs available.

April Festival - Early Bird Ultimate Gift Packs contain 200 USDT deduction coupons and 40 USDT trial funds, worth 240 USDT and now 79.99 USDT! 1,000 packs available.

🎁Activity 2: Complete a Futures Trade To Double Your Rewards!

During the event, users who have purchased the April Festival gift packs and have completed any Futures trade will be qualified to get a chance to double their gift packs. 1,000 double rewards will be randomly distributed after the event ends!

🎁Activity 3: Register for the KuCoin Futures April Festival to Receive Airdrops!

Fill out the registration form to join the KuCoin Futures April Festival!

Users who have filled out the registration form will be eligible to obtain all festival-related information and a chance to receive 1 of the 5,000 airdrops worth up to 10 USDT!

⏰KuCoin Futures April Festival Exclusive Sneak Peek!

The KuCoin Futures April Festival is almost here, with massive amounts of prizes and rewards for its participants! Come claim yours! Check out more information on ways to benefit from the festival here:

🏆Countdown to the KuCoin Futures April Festival - Make a wish on your profit rate to earn double profit! - From April 20, 2023 to April 26, 2023 (UTC)

🏆KuCoin Futures April Festival- The theme activities such as trading competitions will begin! - From April 26, 2023 to May 12, 2023 (UTC)

With so many rewards and prizes, what are you waiting for? KuCoin Futures April Festival - Come play and win!


  1. Users can participate in all of the activities and claim all the bonuses;
  2. The airdrop bonus package contains Futures trial funds and Futures deduction coupons;
  3. Negative trading fee rates and the trading volume of Futures Brawl and Futures Grid bots will not be counted in this activity;
  4. The trial fund can be used for Futures trading. For more details, please check How to Use Trial Fund;
  5. The deduction coupon can be used to deduct 30% of the Futures trading fees, valid for 15 days. Click to check Deduction History;
  6. For any duplicate or fake accounts found to be cheating or attempting to conduct fraudulent behaviors, the platform will withhold the distribution of the rewards. For any manipulations attempting to get the rewards illegally, the violators will be deprived of the qualification for the rewards;
  7. The sub-account and the master account will be regarded as the same one in the activity;
  8. All gift pack sales are final. Gift packs cannot be returned or exchanged for other items;
  9. Rewards will be distributed within 15 working days after the activity;
  10. KuCoin Futures reserves all rights to the final explanation of the event.

This activity is not related to Apple Inc.

Thank you for your support!

The KuCoin Team

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