TokenInsight & KuCoin - the 5th Quantitative Trading Competition for Asset Management

TokenInsight & KuCoin - the 5th Quantitative Trading Competition for Asset Management

05/29/2021, 12:49:29

With more funds transferring from the traditional market to the crypto world, the demand for asset management keeps expanding, the requirements for individuals and institutions involved in quantitative transactions are getting more professional. To improve the depth and liquidity of the platform, to meet the demand of more investors, KuCoin joins together with Tokensight and Blofin, a professional rating agency and a strategic investment agency respectively, to hold the 5th Quantitative Trading Competition for Asset Management. The competition always sticks to the principle of "insight into credible data, selection of reliable quantification", aiming to provide a stage for more professional investment institutions and asset management teams to show their performance and to seek the "Holy Grail of Quantification" in the rapidly changing crypto world. Through this competition, KuCoin will continue to help cultivate a healthy environment for the crypto world and promote sound development of the industry.

I. Schedule

Competition Time: 04:00, 08/01/2021 -- 04:00, 10/30/2021 (UTC). The competition will last for 90 days.


Registration···················06/01/2021 - 07/25/2021 (UTC)

Warming-up···················07/26/2021 ~ 07/31/2021 (UTC)

Start·····························08/01/2021 (UTC)

End······························10/30/2021 (UTC)

Release rewards·············11/10/2021 (UTC)

II. Rules

A. API information

The participants agree and confirm to provide the read-only API keys of the exchange’s trading accounts to the organizer for monitoring and confirmation of their transactions. (The organizer will sign an NDA to ensure that the data will only be used for competition supervision and performance review and will not be disclosed to a third party.)

B. Capital entry

From July 26 to July 31, 2021, there will be strategy tests and adjustments. Participants must ensure that the funds are ready before 04:00, July 25, 2021. ONLY participants joined before or on July 25 can participate in the competition.

C. Account statistics

1) During registration, participants shall specify the required accounts on KuCoin Exchange. In principle, each group can only apply for one account. For cross-exchange strategies, at least one position in KuCoin is required.

2) Accounts to be hedged can be set on mainstream exchanges (e.g.: Bi***ce, H**bi, OK**B**MEX, etc.). Participants should make sure of the group category, the number of trading accounts and the trading fee, and provide one read-only API for each trading account for performance monitoring.

D. Trading varieties:

Coins available for trading are the top 100 coins by market value and stable coins.

E. Deposit and withdrawal

During the competition, deposit and withdrawal are allowed, however participants need to apply to the organizer in advance and send the deposit and withdrawal history to the organizer for examination. The organizer keeps monitoring the deposit and withdrawal of each participant and once there is unapproved deposit/withdrawal, the score will be cancelled.

F. Scoring criteria

The quantitative evaluation is carried out according to the quantitative indicators, also considering the ROE, scale, and the ratio of each index. The final score determines the ranking and is calculated based on the weight of each score. (For more details, please refer to the official website of the organizer)

III. Trading fees

To ensure fair competition, KuCoin will set preferential rates for the participants. Participants can pay trading fees with KCS. When KCS is insufficient, the trading coin will be used as the trading fee by default, the point card is not allowed.

The rate is as follows:

IV. Requirements for Participants

Requirements for attending the competition:

1. Fund: Participants shall bring their own KuCoin account and funds to participate in the competition.

2. Trading under real environment: the participants shall have the trading experience under real environment (e.g.: not on the sandbox, etc.) for more than 3 months.

3. Open to the public: have full capabilities of trading strategies, development and risk control at home and abroad.

4. Exchanges: Each strategy can be operated in up to 3 exchanges and can use up to 3 separate accounts.

Category of strategy group:

There are 5 strategy groups: High-frequency Strategy Group, Arbitrage Strategy Group and Trend/Composite Strategy Group with the settlement coins being BTC or USDT. Details are as follows:

V. Application

Registration time: June 1 to July 25, 2021

Registration link

Detail of the activity

VI. Prizes
There will be Champion, Second place and Third place. The Champion and the Second place will receive a total of 50,000 USDT. The Champion of the High-Frequency Group can also enjoy the KuCoin VIP12 rate lasting for 1 month and the Colocation service. In addition, the Champion of the High-Frequency Group is entitled to be prioritized for the investment by Blofin.

The prizes are as follows:

VII. About withdrawal/disqualification

1. Participants should abide by the rules of the platform. For any fraudulent behaviours or attempts found to be approved during the competition, the qualification for prizes will be deprived and all the members under the participating team will be deprived of the qualification for the competition.

2. During the competition, if there is no trading record and holding position for 10 consecutive days, the participant will be deemed to waive the qualification for the competition. Participants who voluntarily withdraw from the competition or violate the regulations and rules will not be listed on the ranking.

3. During the competition, ONLY those coins among the top 100 by the market value and their corresponding contracts can be traded. Once other coins or contracts are traded, the trading results will be deemed invalid.

4. During the competition, KuCoin & Tokeninsight will keep monitoring the flow of funds. If there is any unapproved flow of funds, the violator’s score will be cancelled.

*KuCoin & TokenInsight reserves the right to final interpretation of the competition. The competition is fair and open. During the competition, if there is any change to the rules, KuCoin will inform all participants via official announcements.

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