The Best NFT Marketplaces on Solana

The Best NFT Marketplaces on Solana

The Solana blockchain hosts a diverse array of NFT marketplaces, each offering unique features and catering to different segments of the digital collectibles market. Learn about the unique benefits Solana’s NFT marketplaces provide and which are the best you can trade your NFTs on.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are one of the most popular use cases for blockchain technology, next to cryptocurrencies. The rise of NFTs has transformed how we perceive ownership and value in the digital and art worlds. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, NFTs are unique digital assets representing ownership of specific items or content, making them irreplaceable and invaluable to collectors and creators alike. 


Amidst this digital renaissance, Solana stands out as a high-performance blockchain tailor-made to handle NFT transactions with remarkable efficiency. Renowned for its low fees and lightning-fast processing times, Solana provides an ideal ecosystem for the NFT marketplace to flourish and is home to over 319,000 NFT collections as of March 2024. Unlike its counterparts, Solana's ability to process thousands of transactions per second at a fraction of the cost makes it an attractive platform for artists, creators, and collectors seeking to trade and mint NFTs without the burden of high transaction fees or slow confirmation times.


This article explores the top NFT marketplaces on the Solana blockchain, shedding light on the vibrant ecosystems that have taken root in this fertile digital ground for NFT projects


Highlights of Solana's NFT Marketplaces

The Solana blockchain offers myriad benefits for those engaging with its NFT marketplaces, setting a new standard for digital transactions and community interaction. 


  • High Transaction Speed & Low Costs: Solana's ability to process transactions rapidly and at minimal cost makes trading NFTs accessible and efficient for all users. All NFT transactions are settled in SOL within the Solana network.

  • Vibrant Communities: Solana's NFT marketplaces are known for their strong community support, fostering a sense of belonging and collective growth.

  • Support for Artists: Artists receive significant support and recognition, allowing them to thrive and innovate within these communities.

  • Investment Opportunities for Collectors: Collectors can invest in unique digital art and collectibles, becoming part of a movement towards a new digital culture.

  • Eco-Friendly Blockchain Technology: Appeals to environmentally conscious users, aligning NFT engagement on Solana with a sustainable future.

Top NFT Marketplaces on Solana Network 

Here’s a look at some of the best NFT marketplaces in the Solana ecosystem based on their popularity, user base, collections, and features: 


Magic Eden 


24h Trading Volume (SOL): 45,000+

Total NFTs Listed: 515,000+

Active Addresses (30D): 267,000+


Magic Eden stands as a prominent NFT marketplace initially launched to cater specifically to the Solana blockchain community. It is known for its rapid transaction capabilities and significantly lower fees than its Ethereum counterpart. Its inception in September 2021 marked a pivotal moment for the Solana ecosystem, offering an alternative platform for creators and collectors eager for a more cost-effective and efficient trading experience. The marketplace is celebrated for its user-friendly interface, simplifying the NFT trading process for seasoned traders and newcomers alike​​​​.


One of Magic Eden's defining features is its commitment to supporting both the primary and secondary NFT markets, enabling creators to earn royalties from subsequent sales and thus fostering a thriving ecosystem for digital assets. This focus on community engagement is evident in its active Discord server and the MagicDAO, which allows NFT holders to partake in governance decisions, illustrating a decentralized approach to marketplace management. Moreover, Magic Eden has expanded beyond Solana, incorporating NFTs from other blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin Ordinals, broadening its appeal across the wider NFT community. This multi-chain expansion, combined with its low fee structure and diverse range of NFT collections, contributes to its popularity among NFT enthusiasts​​​​​​​​.




24h Trading Volume (SOL): 16,000+ 

Total NFTs Listed: 347,000+

Active Addresses (30D): 298,000+


Tensor stands out as a leading NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain, tailored for both traders and creators. It distinguishes itself by offering deep liquidity across a wide array of collections, boasting coverage of over 30,000 collections within the Solana ecosystem. 


Tensor's unique proposition lies in its innovative products like the "Price Lock" feature, which allows traders to long or short NFTs with a minimal upfront fee and makers to earn potentially high yields on their NFTs and SOL. This feature underscores Tensor's commitment to providing a dynamic trading environment, further enriched by rewards for trading activities. Additionally, Tensor hosts its own NFT collection named Tensorians, aimed at its dedicated community of 10,000 superfans, showcasing its commitment to fostering a vibrant ecosystem​. 


One of Tensor's standout features is its "Price Lock" product, which introduces a unique approach to NFT trading by enabling positions to be taken for only a 3% upfront fee. This innovative financial product allows both takers and makers to engage with the marketplace in a financially efficient manner, potentially earning significant rewards from trading activities​. 




24h Trading Volume (SOL): 6.54+

Total NFTs Listed: 1,230

Active Addresses (30D): 992


Solanart is one of the pioneering NFT marketplaces on the Solana blockchain, known for its seamless buying and selling experience of digital assets at negligible costs. Launched in 2021, it established itself as a significant player in the Solana ecosystem due to its user-friendly interface and the ability to connect with Sollet Wallet, Sollet Chrome extension, or Phantom for transactions. The platform is distinguished by its zero-fee trading model, attracting users who seek to transact without the hefty fees associated with other blockchains like Ethereum​​​​.


The marketplace has garnered attention for hosting some of the most prominent Solana-based NFT collections, such as SolPunks and Degen Ape Academy, which have seen landmark sales facilitated by significant NFT-focused funds like Moonrock Capital. Solanart's approach to listing involves a stringent policy, ensuring that all assets are verified, thus providing users peace of mind about the legitimacy of the collections on the platform. Additionally, the platform's commitment to no buying and selling fees, combined with features like live support chat, makes it a highly attractive option for creators looking to showcase their work and collectors searching for verified digital assets​​​​.




24h Trading Volume: $1.2 million+ (across all chains)

Number of Users (Monthly): 70,000+ (across all chains)


OpenSea, recognized as the world's first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), expanded its reach by integrating Solana NFTs into its platform in April 2022. This integration marked a significant move towards embracing a multi-chain future, addressing the community's demand for a more diverse and expansive ecosystem. OpenSea is celebrated for its vast collection of digital items, offering users the ability to browse, buy, sell, and auction NFTs seamlessly. The platform stands out for its support for multiple blockchain technologies, initially focusing on Ethereum and later incorporating Solana, known for its low gas fees, fast transaction speeds, and eco-friendly attributes​. 


OpenSea distinguishes itself with a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of categories, including art, gaming, music, and more, making it a comprehensive hub for NFT enthusiasts and creators alike. The platform is known for featuring notable collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and CryptoPunks, which have garnered significant attention and sales within the NFT community. OpenSea's flexibility in supporting various blockchains and its large selection of NFTs cater to a diverse user base, from art enthusiasts to gamers, offering a seamless experience for browsing, buying, and selling NFTs. Successful sales on OpenSea have included high-profile collections that achieved remarkable valuations, such as the Merge by Pak ($91.8 million), Everydays: The First 5000 Days by Beeple ($69.3 million), and Clock by Pak ($52.7 million). 




24h Trading Volume: $40,000+ (across all chains)

Active Addresses (30D): 3,760 (across all chains)


Rarible is a notable NFT marketplace that supports Solana, among other blockchains, making it a multi-chain platform for creators and collectors. Unique features like "lazy minting" allow creators to list NFTs without incurring upfront gas fees, with these costs deferred until a sale is made. This can be particularly advantageous for new artists exploring the NFT space. The platform charges a 2.5% fee for transactions, which can be borne by either the seller or the buyer, and also supports gasless minting to ease the initial financial burden on creators. Rarible has launched mobile applications for browsing NFTs, though these apps do not currently support transactions. Despite its features, user reviews on the app's functionality are mixed, with some technical issues reported.


Rarible operates across several blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Immutable X, and zkSync Era, enabling it to support a vast array of NFT collections from numerous creators. Rarible has seen significant transactions, such as Beeple's "Everyday: The First 5000 Days," which sold for $69 million, becoming one of the most expensive digital art pieces ever. Other notable sales include unique digital renditions like the Nyan cat meme, which fetched 300 ETH (around $590,000 at the time of sale), and computer-generated avatars known as CryptoPunks, with some selling for up to $2 million. These high-profile sales underscore the platform's position in the high-value digital art and collectibles space​. 




24h Trading Volume (SOL): 0.82+ 

Total NFTs Listed: 276

Active Addresses (30D): 220


Fractal is a distinctive marketplace on the Solana blockchain, focusing primarily on gaming NFTs. Initiated by Justin Kan, co-founder of Twitch, alongside a notable team of serial entrepreneurs, Fractal aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by offering a platform dedicated to the sale and trade of gaming-related NFTs, such as in-game items, avatars, and digital goods. It fosters a unique environment for gamers to truly own their in-game assets and for game developers to innovate on monetization strategies through blockchain technology. Fractal distinguishes itself by forging key partnerships with gaming studios to directly drop new NFTs, aiming to become a primary and secondary marketplace for gaming NFTs. 


Fractal has been designed with a user-centric approach, focusing on ease of use, interface design, and customer support to cater to both gamers and developers. It has raised $35 million in seed funding, underscoring its strong backing and potential to impact the gaming and NFT sectors. This platform supports a variety of wallets for transactions, ensuring security and accessibility for users. For those interested in diving into the world of gaming NFTs, starting with Fractal involves creating an account, connecting a compatible crypto wallet, and exploring the vast selection of gaming NFTs available for purchase or sale. With its focus on gaming NFTs and the backing of influential figures in the tech and gaming industries, Fractal represents a pioneering venture into integrating NFTs with blockchain gaming​. 




30D Trading Volume (SOL): 7.4+

Active Addresses (30D): 72


SolSea presents itself as a leading NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain. It is distinguished by its unique offering of NFTs with embedded licenses and unlockable content, aiming to revolutionize how digital assets are minted, traded, and collected. It is the largest Solana NFT marketplace by user count. It offers an extensive variety of NFTs, including art, gaming, collectibles, and more, backed by low trading fees and powered by real-time on-chain data. SolSea's commitment to empowering creators is evident in its support for trading collections exclusively in their own SPL tokens, stimulating vibrant creator economies​. 


One of SolSea's standout features is its ability to reduce transaction fees from a starting 2% down to 0% by staking its native $AART token, providing a cost-effective platform for users. Additionally, SolSea emphasizes the importance of security and ease of use by supporting a selection of popular Solana wallets like Phantom, Ledger, and Solflare, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience. For those looking to dive into the Solana NFT space, starting with SolSea involves creating a compatible wallet, depositing SOL tokens, and exploring the marketplace's diverse collections and exclusive exhibitions​. 


Tips for Choosing an NFT Marketplace 

When venturing into the Solana NFT ecosystem, choosing the right marketplace can be pivotal to your experience. Here are some factors to consider:


  • Security: Security is the foundation of any digital transaction and should be a top priority. Look for marketplaces with robust security measures in place to protect your assets and personal information.

  • Types of NFTs: Different marketplaces may specialize in various forms of NFTs, from digital art and music to virtual real estate and beyond. Choose a platform that aligns with your interests or investment strategy.

  • Community Engagement: The strength and culture of a marketplace's community can significantly impact your experience. Active, supportive communities offer more opportunities for learning, engagement, and collaboration.

  • User Experience: A user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation are essential for a positive experience. Consider platforms that offer seamless browsing, buying, and selling processes.

  • Fees and Royalties: Understand the fee structure, including listing fees, transaction fees, and royalties for artists. Opt for marketplaces that balance affordability with fair compensation for creators.

Future of NFTs on Solana

The future of NFTs on Solana looks promising, with the blockchain poised to drive further innovations in the digital asset space. As Solana continues to refine its technology, we can anticipate marketplaces evolving to offer even more sophisticated tools and platforms for creators and collectors. The introduction of enhanced smart contracts, improved metadata standards, and cross-chain integrations could broaden the utility and appeal of NFTs on Solana, opening up new avenues for digital ownership and creativity.


Furthermore, the integration of NFTs with emerging technologies like VR and AR could revolutionize how we interact with digital assets, making them more immersive and tangible. This convergence of technologies on the Solana blockchain has the potential to create a new digital ecosystem where art, entertainment, and commerce merge in exciting and innovative ways.


As we look to the future, Solana's NFT marketplaces stand at the forefront of a digital revolution, redefining what is possible in the world of non-fungible tokens. With a commitment to speed, efficiency, and community, Solana is not just keeping pace with the future of NFTs—it is actively shaping it.


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