Project CUBE (ITAMCUBE) Will Be Delisted from KuCoin

Project CUBE (ITAMCUBE) Will Be Delisted from KuCoin

2022/10/27 09:35:00

Dear KuCoin Users,

CUBE(ITAMCUBE) will be delisted since it will be opening its Mainnet and issue a new token, KuCoin will delist project CUBE (ITAMCUBE). The trading pair ITAMCUBE/USDT will be removed from our platform.

Please note:

For better management of your funds, we recommend that you cancel your pending orders of the project and withdraw all your ITAMCUBE tokens as soon as possible.

The delisting process is as follows:

1.The trading pair ITAMCUBE/USDT will be removed at 10:00:00 on October 31, 2022 (UTC).

2.The deposit service of ITAMCUBE/USDT trading pair is remains closed.

3.The withdrawal service of ITAMCUBE/USDT trading pair will be closed at 10:00:00 on April 28, 2023(UTC).

4.If you are currently holding the relevant tokens, please make your withdrawal on or before the closing date above. If you did not withdraw the funds within the specified time period, you are deemed to have given up the funds and will have no rights to claim back the funds or any other equal valued products from KuCoin.

5.Please also note that, during this period, if withdrawal fails due to the project’s actions, including but not limited to stop of the function of on-chain activities like block generating and on-chain fund transfer, KuCoin will close the withdrawal service accordingly, and will NOT be able to cover users’ losses. Thus, please make the withdrawal at your earliest convenience.

Related follow-ups to this subject will be announced separately as soon as possible. 

We sincerely appreciate your support and understanding.


The KuCoin Team

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