The 10th Stage of KuCoin Pool Cloud Mining Launches Soon!

The 10th Stage of KuCoin Pool Cloud Mining Launches Soon!

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Dear KuCoin Pool Users,

Thank you for supporting KuCoin Pool. We will be launching the 10th stage of KuCoin Pool Cloud Mining products at 12:00:00 on March 16,2023 (UTC). During the launch period, users can purchase cloud hashrate packages to earn mining rewards.

I. Launch Period

The launch period is from 12:00:00 on March 16, 2023 to 16:00:00 on March 19, 2023 (UTC).

II. How to Buy

1. Head to the KuCoin official website and sign up for an account;

2. Go to Cloud Mining > Select a product > Click [Buy] > Enter the amount of hashrate to purchase > Submit the order > Click [Pay] > Complete verification > Complete the payment.While stocks last. First come, first served!

Note: To ensure payments are successful, make sure that your Main Account has sufficient balance, and confirm the payment in a timely manner.

III. Income Distribution

Mining income is distributed on N+1 day.KuCoin Pool will distribute the users’ mining earnings to their Main account every day from 04:00-16:00 (UTC). KuCoin Pool will announce if there is a delay in the distribution of earnings due to specific circumstances.


1. Mining income will be affected by factors such as mining difficulty, actual cloud hashrate settled, block rewards, and price fluctuations. Daily income will not be completely consistent.

2. All investments carry risks. Users should carefully read the Q&A section on the KuCoin Pool Official Website. KuCoin Pool makes no guarantees for the future performance of the package. KuCoin Pool only provides the projected earnings as reference.

If you have any questions, please contact us through our Telegram Group!

Thank you for supporting KuCoin Pool!

The KuCoin Pool Team

March 16, 2023

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