Bug Bounty Rewards: Crypto Lending 2.0 Early Access

Bug Bounty Rewards: Crypto Lending 2.0 Early Access

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Dear KuCoin Users,

KuCoin "Crypto Lending” will be upgraded from Version 1.0 to 2.0 recently, and the corresponding lending and borrowing of margin trading will also be different.

Users are now invited to join in the early access. If you find any relative bugs or offer any suggestions that are adopted by platform during the test, you will be rewarded differently. There is no upper limit for rewards for finding bugs or offering suggestions.

The rewards for different types of bugs or suggestions are as listed:

Type of Bugs or Suggestions Rewards
Business Logic 100
Functional Operation 50
Function Optimization / Interaction Logic 30
Compatibility Problems 20
Others Reward according to the problem

If the same bug or suggestion has been submitted by different users, the reward will be distributed to the first comer.

Step 1: Fill in your UID through the form below, and early access usually available for you on the next business day.

Registration time: 2023.5.16 - 2023.6.26 (UTC)

When you are able to subscribe at the "Crypto Lending 2.0", which means that you have been granted the early access.

Subscribe From: "KuCoin Official Website" - [Earn] - [Crypto Lending 2.0]

Step 2: Give your feedback through the form below.

Feedback Time: 2023.5.29~2023.6.26 (UTC)

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Rewards Distribution: The platform will evaluate your feedback and distribute rewards within 10 working days once the early access closes.


The KuCoin Team

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