Unlock Crypto Rewards with KuCoin’s Upgraded Rewards Hub

Unlock Crypto Rewards with KuCoin’s Upgraded Rewards Hub

Explore the KuCoin Rewards Hub, your new gateway to earning amazing crypto rewards by completing low-threshold tasks.

Rewards Hub is a KuCoin-exclusive product that enables new and existing users to earn extra rewards by completing various tasks related to their newly created accounts or trading journey. Our newly-updated Rewards Hub combines the Beginner Zone and the old Rewards Hub to offer an expanded experience with competitive prizes and tasks.


To kickstart the process, you can head over to the Rewards Hub and check out the tasks offered! The Hub will reward you with free USDT or coupon rewards after completing the tasks. In addition, the tasks in the KuCoin Rewards Hub will closely follow market trends and offer various trading and deposit-related tasks dynamically. 


You can choose preferred tasks while discovering more crypto gems and promising investment opportunities. Rewards will be distributed after each designated task is complete.


What’s New in the Hub?

Apart from combining the Beginner Zone and the old Rewards Hub, this update has brought all new users a welcome gift, featuring up to 700 USDT worth of rewards!


Rewards Hub is now split into two sections: 


  • New user rewards

  • Pro trader rewards


Completing each task enables you to claim a reward. However, each task also comes with a different type of reward or a different amount attached to it. 


Some of the rewards you can redeem by completing tasks in the Reward Hub include:


  • USDT rewards: You will get rewarded crypto that you can withdraw once you reach the withdrawal limit. You can then use this USDT to trade, HODL, or simply withdraw it. 

  • Coupon rewards: These will get you a bonus or deduction when using some of KuCoin’s products in the future. They include futures deduction coupons, VIP trial coupons, trading bot rebate coupons, KuCoin Earn rate-up coupons, spot deduction coupons, etc. 

  • Chance-based rewards: Some rewards will include a chance of earning a certain prize, including USDT crypto rewards, deductions, bonuses, etc. 


Rewards For New Users

If you are a new user of KuCoin, you may be blessed because there are many benefits awaiting you. The new user welcome gift will now upgrade to a 700 USDT package composed of USDT rewards, a deposit reward package, and a time-limited trading reward package!


The Rewards Hub is available both on your desktop and app. In the following steps, we aim to explain the process of getting your rewards in detail. Let's see how you can do it.


Note: Keep in mind that the New User Rewards tasks have to be completed within a certain time frame (usually between 7 and 30 days) after your first sign-up. Make sure to check the Hub as soon as you create an account in order not to miss out on any rewards!


New Opportunities For Traders

By providing a variety of trading and deposit-related tasks for you to choose from, KuCoin Rewards Hub keeps users up to date with the most recent developments in the cryptocurrency sector. Users can select which tasks they would like to complete and get rewarded for them. Sounds splendid, right?


Rewards Hub provides you with numerous tasks you can complete, ranging from:


  • Spot trading activities

  • Futures trading activities

  • Trading Bot activities 

  • Margin trading activities 

  • Exclusive Deposit tasks 


You can earn various rewards, including USDT rewards, trading coupons, and more. However, each task has a promotion period with a limited time frame, so hurry up and make those trades and deposits!


Note: As soon as you complete a task, your USDT rewards and coupon rewards will immediately be credited to your Rewards Hub balance.


How to Get to the Rewards Hub (Web Version)

Step 1. Navigate to the Rewards Hub

After logging in, navigate to Rewards Hub from the navigation bar located at the top of the page.


Navigating to the Rewards Hub

Navigating to the Rewards Hub


Step 2. Explore the Hub 

Once on the page, you can explore various offers KuCoin has for you. If you haven’t logged in yet, do it now so the Hub will show you offers specific to your account. 


KuCoin Rewards Hub Page: New User Tab

 KuCoin Rewards Hub Page: New User Tab


Additionally, each step of your registration can bring you some sweet USDT. Let’s see what KuCoin Sign-Up tasks look like:


  • Signing up

  • Identity verification

  • Making your first deposit or purchase of crypto

  • Make your first trade


Step 3. Explore the Pro Trading Page

Here, you can find which option suits you the best! You can choose to complete tasks based on several categories.



KuCoin Rewards Hub Page: Pro Trading Tab

KuCoin Rewards Hub Page: Pro Trading Tab


How to Get to the Rewards Hub (App Version)

If you prefer to use our app while operating, follow these steps to find the Hub. 


Note: After signing in, you can receive your rewards only once. Additionally, if you have already completed your award tasks on the desktop version, they will be automatically synced on our app.


Step 1. Download the KuCoin App

It is important to always have the latest version of the app, so you can get all the newest information and updates. 


The KuCoin app is a popular choice among crypto traders due to its flexibility to trade at any time, from any location. However, it is important to note that the KuCoin App should not be downloaded from any unofficial KuCoin channels.


Step 2. Find the Rewards Hub 

You can find this section by scrolling through KuCoin products on the homepage and clicking the option More


Then, scroll down to the Welfare section and find the Rewards Hub.


Navigating Through the KuCoin App

Navigating Through the KuCoin App


Step 3. Choose Your Tasks  

You can see that the options are the same as on our Rewards web page. It is also possible to see your reward receipt history by clicking on You have received option.


KuCoin App Rewards Hub Page

KuCoin App Rewards Hub Page


Note: Always check the Hub, even when you become a more experienced KuCoin user. Something new will always wait for you!



So, what are you waiting for? Head on to the Rewards page, find the tasks that suit you and start earning additional rewards. 


And remember, KuCoin isn’t the People’s exchange for no reason — we are here for all your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact our Help Center for further support. Furthermore, to learn more about KuCoin products, trading and investing, web3, and blockchain, visit KuCoin Learn — your one-stop crypto knowledge website. 


Welcome aboard, and happy trading with KuCoin!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When Will I Receive the Rewards for My Completed Task? 

Your rewards will be credited to your account instantly after completion. When you reach the withdrawal threshold, you can withdraw your funds to your Funding Account. The rewards will be credited to your account within 14 working days after initiating a withdrawal. 


However, in the moments of releasing a new reward option, there is usually a surge of users trying to claim it. You shouldn't worry if you do not immediately receive your reward after completing the task. It usually takes us a couple of days to deposit, so be patient! If you are still worried about your reward, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Help Center or check our user-asked questions page. 


2. Why Are Some Tasks Not Available When I Log In?

You may have completed some of the tasks, making them not appear when you log in. 


Additionally, some tasks (like the New User Rewards tasks) are only available for a certain period of time after creating an account. 


3. What Should I Pay Attention to When Completing Tasks?

Make sure that you are logged in, as well as that you have successfully registered for the task. If you haven’t done so properly, your trades or deposits might not be counted towards your rewards. 


4. What Kind of Tasks Can I Get Rewards for?

KuCoin Rewards Hub has several categories, including:


  • New User tasks

  • Spot trading tasks

  • Futures trading tasks

  • Trading Bot tasks

  • Margin trading tasks

  • Deposit-related tasks


5. What Is the Minimum Amount of Rewards I Can Withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal amount from the Rewards Hub is 8 USDT for Pro Rewards, or 5 USDT for New User Rewards.