KuCoin Shark Fin: Grow Your Crypto With Guaranteed Yields

KuCoin Shark Fin: Grow Your Crypto With Guaranteed Yields

Exploring the new KuCoin product Shark Fin in detail — a low-risk investment strategy with assured profits. Learn how to safeguard your funds while confidently navigating the crypto investment landscape.

Apart from return on investment, risk management is the most important thing to any crypto investor. With this in mind, KuCoin has designed a low-risk principal-guaranteed investing strategy — KuCoin Shark Fin


The adage ‘’Too good to be true’’ doesn’t apply here, and you will find out why — stay tuned to  see how to invest in Shark Fin, what you can expect, and what kinds of results are guaranteed! 


What Is KuCoin Shark Fin?

KuCoin Shark Fin is a low-risk structured principal-guaranteed investment product offered as part of the KuCoin Wealth investment suite. It is tailored for those who want to partake in a stable strategy, aiming to yield constant, steady, and guaranteed returns in both bear and bull markets.



The crypto world can be somewhat overwhelming, and the learning curve can be steep. Beginners can often be intimidated by complicated charts, order types, regular fluctuations, etc. 


As the People’s Exchange, it was important for us to develop and try out features that offer our customers a generally more carefree outlook on crypto and investing while not compromising on returns. 


How Does Shark Fin Work?

KuCoin Shark Fin products utilize call options to generate yields. As mentioned, they are principal-guaranteed, meaning they will not cause users to lose any principal. Shark Fin also comes with a guaranteed APR of 5%!


Shark Fin products offer two options depending on where you think the market is heading, namely: 



You can also choose the underlying tracked asset  (BTC or ETH) based on your short-term price prediction. 


Once in motion, If the settlement price falls within the chosen price range, the APR will increase linearly based on the base interest rate. You will receive the basic APR returns if the settlement price falls outside the chosen price range (either below or above the range).


Bullish Shark Fin: Example

Our bullish Shark Fin example shows BTC as the underlying asset, with a price range between $31,400 and $34,500. 


With the APR between 5% and 11.47%, we are looking for a bullish price action within seven days. 


Bullish Shark Fin Example

Bullish Shark Fin: Example


If the price of BTC ends within the range on the day our subscription ends, our APR will be increased based on the above image, up to 11.47%, if the price touches $34,500. 


On the other hand, if the price falls below or above the range, we will receive a base 5% APR and our guaranteed principal. 


Bearish Shark Fin: Example

The bearish Shark Fin works just like the bullish one but in the other direction. Our example shows BTC as the underlying asset, with a price range between $30,600 and $27,500. 


With the APR ranging between 5% and 11.12%, we are looking for a bearish price action within seven days. 


Bearish Shark Fin Example

Bearish Shark Fin: Example


If the price of BTC ends within the range on the day our subscription ends, our APR will be increased based on the above image, up to 11.12%, if the price reaches exactly $27,500. 


On the other hand, if the price ends up below or above the range, we will receive a base 5% APR and our guaranteed principal. 


Advantages of KuCoin Shark Fin

Shark Fin offers numerous advantages that separate it from other investments. Let’s review each of the benefits and see what makes Shark Fin special.


Principal-Protected Product

The first characteristic worth mentioning is principal protection. This ensures that your investment is entirely safe when investing in Shark Fin. Additionally, your return on investment APR of 5% is also guaranteed. 


Note: Extremely volatile markets may cause slippage and negatively impact your final yield.


One-click Subscription

Shark Fin is a low-risk investment suitable for beginners and experienced investors alike. Its one-click subscription process is simple and quick, allowing you to experience investing without much hassle. 



One of the main advantages of Shark Fin is its effectiveness in both bull and bear markets. Depending on your short-term price prediction, you can select a bullish or bearish Shark Fin. 


No need to wait for special market conditions anymore; we've got you covered!


No Extra Fees

Last but not least, Shark Fin has no extra or hidden fees attached — what you see is what you get. 


How to Subscribe to KuCoin Shark Fin 

Let’s see how you can access this product and get the most out of it, step by step. We will use both our app and web versions.


Subscribing to KuCoin Shark Fin (Web Version)

Step 1. Navigate to the Shark Fin Page

Head over to the KuCoin homepage and select Earn. In the drop-down menu, click on Shark Fin


KuCoin Homepage

KuCoin Homepage


Step 2. Explore KuCoin Wealth (Optional)

You will then be redirected to KuCoin Wealth. Familiarize yourself with the interface. You will see our different KuCoin Wealth products you can choose from alongside Shark Fin.


KuCoin Wealth Page

KuCoin Wealth Page


Step 3. Select Your Shark Fin 

Scrolling down the page will give you all available options (1). You can choose the token whose performance you want to follow under Linked Asset (2) and the potential APR (3)


Next, choose the market direction you want to track (4), depending on whether you feel bullish or bearish. 


Once you have selected your preferred Shark Fin product, click Subscribe Now.


Shark Fin Product Listing

Shark Fin Product Listing


Step 4. Set the Shark Fin Subscription Settings

On this page, you will see the settings of your subscription. You will be able to see your:


  1. Underlying asset and market direction 

  2. APR range

  3. Maturity period 

  4. Investment amount 

  5. Potential returns estimation 


Note: Once set in motion, canceling the Shark Fin subscription before the maturity period is impossible. 


After careful review and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, click the Subscribe Now button.


Subscription Details

Subscription Details


Step 5. Final Review

Your final review page will present you with all the elements of your subscription. This page has synthesized everything you need to know about your investment and detailed Redemption Time. If you are satisfied and ready to subscribe, click Confirm.


Confirmation Window

Confirmation Window


Step 6. Success!

You are now subscribed to Shark Fin! You can view order details again or return to the KuCoin Wealth page.





Subscribing to KuCoin Shark Fin (App Version)

Step 1. Navigate to the Shark Fin Page

Visit the KuCoin App. In the upper product menu, find Earn and then Shark Fin.


KuCoin App Homepage

KuCoin App Homepage


Step 2. Select Your Shark Fin and explore the Settings

Here, you have the same options as on the Shark Fin webpage. Find the option that suits you the best.


Scrolling down the page will present you with all available Shark Fin options. Selecting your preferred option will show you an in-depth look at the APR range, subscription duration, return estimate, and return chart. 


Once you have selected your preferred Shark Fin product, enter the amount you want to invest and click Subscribe Now.


Subscribing to Shark Fin   

Subscribing to Shark Fin


Step 3. Final Review 

Take a look at your investment details and ensure everything is correct. If you are satisfied and ready to subscribe, click Confirm.


Order Confirmation

Order Confirmation


Great! You have successfully invested in your first Shark Fin! 


You can now see your Order Details or head back to the KuCoin homepage.


Tips for Using KuCoin Shark Fin

First, as with any other investment, it is important to assess your investment goals. Are you more of an aggressive investor, looking for higher returns and that adrenaline rush, or more of a laid-back one, wanting to get steady, low-risk returns? By clarifying your goals, you can determine the best KuCoin product for you.


Start small if you choose to use Shark Fin (or any other KuCoin product). Invest a crumb of your assets to familiarize yourself with the interface and mechanism of the product. The know-how can help you determine your strategy and minimize potential risk. You should continually educate yourself on the topic, even when the opportunity offers little to no risk.


Next, always diversify your portfolio. Many notable investors (be it from TradFi or crypto whales) accentuate the need for a diversified portfolio. We recommend investing in different-risk assets or strategies for a safe swim in the crypto waters.


Consequently, since you are trying to predict the movement of a cryptocurrency, you must stay informed on market trends and sentiments. Read the news, browse Twitter regarding the topic, and inform yourself as much as possible. The adage ‘’Knowledge is power’’ applies here more than ever. 



The goal of safety and security remains crucial in the world of investing. Fundamental components of any economic effort are the means through which we strategically allocate our resources and how we maximize our financial potential. 


Recognizing these factors' importance, we have compiled a thorough guide that includes a detailed examination of our most recent invention, the KuCoin Shark Fin.


We've exposed the puzzles behind this unique opportunity, removing the doubt that frequently surrounds chances that seem too good to be true. 


Stay tuned to see the results to come, and find out the concrete results that await those who enter the world of Shark Fin! 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who Should Use KuCoin Shark Fin?

This product is suitable for everyone, especially beginners in crypto investing. Due to its low-risk nature, it caters to the widest audience. 


Our other Wealth and Earn products serve people with different goals, from those who want to play it safe and amplify their gains while steadily managing risk to those who opt for a high-risk and high-reward approach. 


From more ‘’traditional’’ strategies, such as Savings and Staking, to our more complex and structured products, such as the Dual Investment and Snowball method, we have tailored an array of products for your portfolio diversification.


So, if by any means you are more drawn to different strategies — we are sure that we have something in store for you.


2. What Returns Can I Expect From a Shark Fin Investment?

Each Shark Fin investment product comes with its own range of returns. However, you can expect a guaranteed APR of around 4% and a maximum APR of approximately 15%. While these percentages may vary, they should give you a rough estimate of what Shark Fin offers.