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How to Trade Futures on KuCoin App?

Trading Market: USDT-Margined Futures, BTC-Margined Futures and ETH-Margined Futures

The USDT-Margined Futures takes USDT as margin to exchange bitcoin or other popular Futures; while for BTC-Margined Futures and ETH-Margined Futures, it takes BTC and ETH as margin to exchange Futures.

Type Margin Pnl & Settlement Coin Max Leverage Supported Futures Price Fluctuation
USDT-Margined USDT USDT 100x Bitcoin Futures Stable, will not be influenced by USDT price fluctuation
BTC-Margined BTC BTC 100x Bitcoin Futures Will be influenced by BTC price fluctuation
ETH-Margined ETH ETH 100x ETH Futures Will be influenced by ETH price fluctuation

You can freely switch between the USDT-margined Futures and BTC-margined Futures on KuCoin App:


For Futures in the USDT-margined market, they are settled in USDT and for Futures in BTC-margined market, they are settled in BTC.

Operation Procedure

I. Enable Futures Trading

II. Account Assets

    a. Transfer

    b.Buy Cryptos

    c. Deposit

Ⅲ. Trading Futures

    a. Place an Order

    b. Check Positions

    c. Close Positions

    d. Check Futures Portfolio

    e. Check Orders 

I. Enable Futures Trading

Step 1: Download & Install KuCoin App

For how to download and install KuCoin App, please refer to KuCoin App Installation Guide.

Step 2: Register & Log in to KuCoin Account

For KuCoin account registration, please refer to How to Register a KuCoin Account.

Step 3: Enable Futures Trading

Select “Futures” in the navigation bar on KuCoin app and click “Enable Futures Trading”.


II. Account Assets

You can get cryptocurrencies via three methods on KuCoin App: a) Transfer, b) Buy Cryptos and c) Deposit.

a. Transfer

If you have BTC or USDT in your KuCoin Funding Account, you can transfer a part of BTC or USDT to your Futures account.

Click “Transfer” as shown below, then select BTC or USDT.


Select transfer direction from Funding Account to Futures Account and enter the transfer amount. Click “Confirm” to complete the transfer.


b. Buy Cryptos

If you don’t have cryptocurrencies in your KuCoin account, you can buy cryptos directly via “Home” →  “Buy with Fiat”. For detailed purchase steps, please check How to Buy Coins by Credit or Debit Cards?


c. Deposit

If you have digital assets on other exchange platforms, you can deposit a certain amount of funds from those platforms to your KuCoin Futures Account.



Ⅲ. Trading Futures

There are three steps involved in Futures trading: a) Place an Order, b) Check Positions, and c) Close Positions. 

a. Place an Order

Currently, there are three types of orders supported on KuCoin Futures: i) Limit order, ii) Market order, and iii) Stop order iiii) Hidden.

To trade with a limit order is to use a pre-specified price to buy or sell the product. A market order is an order to buy or sell the product at the best available price in the current market. A stop order can be specified as a stop-limit order or a stop-market order. A stop order will be triggered when the market reaches a pre-specified stop price.

You can click the button below to select your order type:


If you have confirmed the order type, you can select the leverage you plan to use and enter the order quantity (or choose the percentages under the quantity input box) you plan to trade in the places shown below. Confirm the order details and click“Buy / Long” or “Sell / Short” to place your order.

KuCoin App supports the switch of order quantity unit between “Lot” and “BTC”. After switching, the display of the quantity unit in the trading interface will change as well.


b. Check Positions 

Once the order is executed successfully, you can check your positions’ details including the ticker symbol of the Futures, Futures market, order quantity, leverage as well as the unrealised pnl and the profit rate of your positions under “Positions” as shown below.


Take Profit & Stop Loss (Recommend): If you have enabled the take profit and stop loss settings, the system will automatically close your positions at the given price to prevent the funds losses due to violate price fluctuation. 

c. Close Positions

If you want to close the positions, you can choose to close with “Limit Order” or “Market Order” by clicking the corresponding buttons.

You may also place counterparty orders to reduce or close positions.


d. Check Futures Portfolio

Click the icon on the top right corner in the Futures trading interface and you will be redirected to the Futures market page.


On this page, you can check the Futures portfolio including the market trends, recent trades, and order book of the current Futures you hold.


e. Check Orders

You can click “My Orders” as shown below on the lower right corner in the Futures trading page and check your order history.





KYC users in restricted countries and regions cannot open Futures trading;

Users with IP addresses in restricted countries and regions cannot open Futures trading;

Users in our blacklist cannot open Futures trading.