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The KuCoin Pool 1st Anniversary Event — “Thanks for the Past Year, Looking Forward to Many More” Has Begun!

2022/08/25 07:21:54Promozioni

Dear KuCoin Users,

On August 25, 2022, KuCoin Pool will celebrate its 1st anniversary. Thanks to the tremendous support from our users, KuCoin Pool has experienced rapid growth over the past year, ranking among the top 10 mining pools worldwide. To thank our users for their support, KuCoin Pool is giving away awesome prizes and rewards. The details are as follows:

Event 1: Complete Tasks and Earn Points To Unlock 1,000 USDT!

1. Event Duration: 09:00:00 August 25, 2022 - 15:59:59 September 25, 2022 (UTC)

2. Eligible Participants: All KuCoin Pool users.

3. Event Rules: Complete tasks to earn points, which then can be used to win awesome prizes. Qualify to share the prize pool by accumulating 5 or more points. Task descriptions and corresponding point values are as follows:

1) Fill in this form and submit all the correct answers to the questions (earn 1 point by completing this task).

2) During the event, mine any coin of your choice through KuCoin Pool and contribute any amount of hashrate (earn 5 points by completing this task).

3) Join KuCoin Pool Official Telegram Group (earn 1 point by completing this task).

4) Create a mining sub-account on KuCoin Pool (earn 1 point by completing this task).

5) Share the event link with 3 friends or another social media platform (earn 1 point by completing this task).

6) Share the event on Twitter, including the caption “#KuCoin Pool 1st Anniversary - Dual Rewards”, and tag 3 friends (earn 1 point by completing this task).

*After completing each task, fill in the form for the task completion information. If you do not fill in the information before the deadline, you will not be able to participate in the prize draw.

4. Prize Distribution: After the event ends, KuCoin Pool will randomly select 20 eligible participants to share a 1,000 USDT prize pool.

5. Prize Distribution Time: After the review is complete, KuCoin Pool will distribute prizes into the winners’ KuCoin Main accounts within 15 working days.

Event 2: Connect to KuCoin Pool To Enjoy 50% Off Mining Fees!

1. Event Duration: 09:00:00 August 25, 2022 - 15:59:59 September 25, 2022 (UTC)

2. Eligible Participants: All users with hashrate connected to KuCoin Pool.

3. Event Rules: During the event, connect hashrate into KuCoin Pool and mine any coin of your choice in a stable and continuous manner. Fill this form with the connection information to enjoy 50% off mining fees.

4. Hashrate Requirements: Connect any amount of hashrate to mine any coin to enjoy the fee discounts.

5. Verification: KuCoin Pool’s systems will automatically detect mining account creation and the connection of hashrate. Users must fill in their KuCoin UIDs and hashrate connection details in the event document (link provided above) in order to qualify for the fee discount.

*Once the event ends, fees will return to normal levels.


1. KuCoin Pool reserves the right to the final interpretation of the event.

2. KuCoin and KuCoin Pool reserve the right to disqualify any participants found to be cheating during the event.

3. Tutorials on how to connect hashrate to KuCoin Pool:



Join KuCoin Pool Telegram Group to contact us or learn more about this event.

Thank you for supporting KuCoin Pool!

The KuCoin Pool Team

August 25, 2022

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