KuCoin API Upgrade Is Complete 20230914

KuCoin API Upgrade Is Complete 20230914

14.09.2023, 03:44:43

Dear KuCoin API Users,

The Kucoin API account has been upgraded without downtime, and the specific optimizations are the following:

1. Added Futures POST /api/v1/orders/test interface

2. Added Spot POST /api/v1/orders/test interface

3. Added Spot POST /api/v1/hf/orders/test interface

4. Added Margin POST /api/v3/hf/margin/order/test interface

5. Added Margin POST /api/v1/margin/order/test interface

6. Added Spot GET /api/v3/currencies interface

7. Added Spot GET /api/v3/currencies/{currency} interface

8. Deprecate Spot GET /api/v1/currencies interface

9. Deprecate Spot GET /api/v1/currencies/{currency} interface

10. Deprecate Spot GET /api/v2/currencies/{currency} interface

For more API communication or feedback, please join our official api telegram group: https://t.me/KuCoin_API or send an email to newapi@kucoin.plus

Thank you for supporting KuCoin!

The KuCoin API Team

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