KuCoin Partial Spot Trading Pairs Upgrade Notice (2022/12/20)

KuCoin Partial Spot Trading Pairs Upgrade Notice (2022/12/20)

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Dear KuCoin users,

To provide better trading services, KuCoin will perform a scheduled upgrade on 51 Spot trading pairs on Web, App and Open API at 06:30 on 2022/12/20 (UTC), lasting for approximately 1 hour.

The following services will be suspended during the upgrade:

- Order execution, order placing, order cancellation

- Creating or stopping the related trading bots

The 51 trading pairs (including Margin & Trading Bot) to be upgraded are shown as follows:


Please note that the upgrade includes the Margin trading pair of APT-USDT. Before the upgrade, please control the debt ratio well in advance to avoid the risk of liquidation caused by the high debt ratio. You can reduce the debt ratio by transferring funds to your Margin Account.

10 minutes will be reserved for order cancellations before the upgrade is complete. We advise all users to cancel any open orders prior to the upgrade time.

The upgrade could be postponed if a large price fluctuation occurs. Any changes will be notified via our announcement.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team