Announcement on Changing the Name of KuCoin’s Main Account

Announcement on Changing the Name of KuCoin’s Main Account

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Dear Users,

To provide better user experience, KuCoin will be changing the name of its Main Account to Funding Account in May 2023. This update will take effect on all pages of the platform. Some users have already been able to view the new account name as we are currently launching a grayscale testing.

Why do we change the name:

  • Remove ambiguity: There are multiple parallel accounts under one KuCoin account, without differentiation between the accounts as primary or secondary.
  • Emphasize the position of Funding Account: Users can deposit to and withdraw from the Funding Account at their will. Changing the name will not affect the features related to this account.

No need to worry:

  • Funding Account retains all the features related to Main Account. Features including deposits, withdrawals, and transfers of both crypto and fiat currencies, as well as crypto lending, Earn products, fees deduction, and receiving of interest, red envelops, and rewards will not be affected.
  • You can still access the account service during the update.
  • For API users, no calling parameters or methods shall be modified. The returned data format and fields are the same as before.
  • Please note that the account names shown on the reports and orders you download will remain unchanged as “Main Account”.

Due to the large number of users involved, the update will be rolled out in stages. Users who have their account names updated will receive notifications on their Assets page. During the update, the account name displayed to some users will still be “Main Account”.

Thank you for your support of KuCoin! For any questions, please feel free to reach us.

The KuCoin Team

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