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New Trading Interface for KuCoin Futures Has Been Released!


ūüĎČ Go and try out the new trading interface for KuCoin Futures now!


KuCoin Futures has released the brand-new trading interface for a smoother and streamlined trading experience! 

1. More unified trading interface with KuCoin (web)

The ‚ÄúPlace Order‚ÄĚ panel has been moved to the right side, which makes it more consistent with that of KuCoin. At the same time, the K-line and depth chart have been made larger to make it more user-friendly. In addition, users can now also customize the modules and make their own trading interface!




2. Simpler and clearer contract list

The contract list has also been simplified. No matter whether visiting the app or website, users can easily check the price and market moves to ensure they never miss any investment opportunity!



Moreover, the system will recommend prospective contracts with a price change of more than 30%, which will assist in your trading decisions and thus help you choose the optimal contract to trade.


3. More Bonuses in KuCoin Futures!

KuCoin Futures is now offering more bonuses! Enable Futures trading now and you can claim up to 20 USDT of newbies-only bonuses. What‚Äôs more, there is also a Futures deduction coupon that can be used to deduct trading fees. Limited offers, first come, first served! 


Click to enable Futures trading now and magnify your profit 100x in both uptrends and downtrends!


3 Steps to Start Futures Trading  






Thank you for your support!  

KuCoin Futures Team  


Risk Warning: Please pay attention to the risk control of Futures trading. It is recommended that newbies control the leverage within 5x.