From now on, you can market ticker in real time

How to set a floating window or ticker widget to market ticker?

1. Open the Kucoin APP, click on the "Market Ticker" at the homepage or click on the avatar in the upper left corner, and then click Settings.


2. Click "Market Ticker", we can set a floating window or ticker widget to read the tape.


2.1. Set a floating window.

2.1.1. Click on the "Floating Window" to read the tape, slide to the right to open the display function of the floating window, and then choose the display mode, trading pair and refresh time.

Note: It is recommended not to turn on the lock function of the floating window, so as not to affect the operation of the phone.


2.2 Set ticker widget

2.2.1. Click on the "Ticker Widget" to read the tape, choose the trading pair and refresh time and follow the "How to add ticker widget" process to add ticker widget on the phone.


3. After setting, you can see the floating window and ticker widget on your phone (Only ticker widget is available for IOS users).


4. You're able to display more favorite trade pairs by dragging the border to expand or click the unfold button.