Margin Trading with the KuCoin App

Margin trading refers to trading with borrowed assets on top of the cryptocurrency assets you already hold on KuCoin. It allows for trading with a larger amount of capital than held, opening you up to either go long on buy positions, or short-selling. For instance, if you have 10 USDT on KuCoin and borrow an additional 20 USDT, you then have 30 USDT available for leveraged trades. If your investment strategy is sound, margin trading can significantly amplify your profits.

Margin trading involves 6 steps: 1. Enabling margin trading 2. Transferring the margin to your Margin Account 3. Borrowing from the lending market 4. Trading 5. Closing positions and 6. Repaying the borrowed margin. Click here to view the Tutorial Video.

How do I enable margin trading?

  1. Log in to the KuCoin App, tap Trade > Leverage to enter the margin trading tab. Tap Enable Margin Trading to activate margin trading.

Note: Users from restricted countries/regions may not enable margin trading.

Users from IP addresses in restricted countries/regions may not enable margin trading.

Blacklisted users may not enable margin trading.

How do I transfer my margin to my Margin Account?

  1. Tap Transfer.
  2. Select the token you wish to transfer to your margin account. Enter the amount and type of currency, and tap Confirm to transfer coins from Other Accounts to your Margin Account.

2.1 Transfer From: From the dropdown menu, choose from your Funding Account, Trading Account, Earn Account, or Futures Account.

2.2 Currency: From the dropdown menu, choose the cryptocurrency you wish to transfer to your margin account. Note that you can only transfer token types that are supported by your margin account.

2.3 Amount: Enter the amount you want to transfer to your margin account.

margin app01.pngmargin app02.png

How do I borrow more tokens?

  1. Select the trading pair (which includes the token you wish to borrow), tap More.
  2. Tap the Borrow button.

margin app03.png

3. Choose the token to borrow, enter the amount, set the loan period and maximum daily interest rate, then tap Confirm. After this, you will be able to see your corresponding debt ratio.

Note: After successfully borrowing, the loan accrues interest effective immediately, and this interest is calculated every hour. The final interest payable is based on the actual term of the loan. You have the option of repaying early at any given time.

margin app04.png margin app05.png

How do I trade?


Select the trading pair. Trade the borrowed coin for another coin.

For example, if you borrow USDT and believe that BTC will rise in value, you can trade for BTC. To do this, select the BTC/USDT trading pair and use the borrowed USDT to buy BTC. For more details on the profit mode of margin trading, please click here.

margin app06.png

Note: You can also select Auto-Borrow in the margin trading interface. As long as the market for the currency can meet the requirements for auto-borrow rates, the system will automatically borrow the necessary funds for you when you place an order, regardless of whether the order is eventually executed or not.

How do I close positions?


In the margin trading interface, exchange the borrowed coins back. For example, if you bought BTC with borrowed USDT, you just need to sell the BTC for USDT to close the position.

margin app07.png


How do I repay borrowed crypto?

1. Select the trading pair (which includes the token to repay), tap More.

2. Tap the Repay button.

margin app08.pngmargin app09.png 

3. Choose the token to repay, enter the amount (tap All to repay all tokens), and tap Confirm Repayment. This will reset your debt ratio to 0.

margin app10.png