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KCS Holding Calculation Mechanism in Spotlight

The calculation mechanism used to record KCS holding is recorded in a snapshot randomly each day. During the event, KuCoin will randomly take snapshots of your KCS holding and calculate the average amount held as follows:  

Average KCS Holding = Sum of the holding per snapshot/number of snapshots 

The KCS holding in the following accounts will be counted: 

  • Main Account  
  • Trading Account  
  • Margin Account  
  • Finance Account (Ongoing KuCoin Earn staking programs)  


  • Margin Account Balance: The sum of the snapshots of the Net KCS balance (Net KCS Balance = KCS Total Balance - Borrowed KCS - KCS Interest). Please note that the margin account balance may have a negative balance; 
  • The daily snapshot will occur at random times each day; 
  • Pending orders are included in the balance calculation; 
  • Sub-accounts can’t participate in the token sale as independent accounts. However, the KCS holdings in the Sub-accounts will be combined into the Master account for the calculation of the Average KCS Holding.