KuCoin's Isolated Margin Beginner's Guide (App)

There are two modes for margin trading on KuCoin: Cross Margin and Isolated Margin. Click here to learn about the two: Differences Between Isolated Margin and Cross Margin.

The basic steps for trading with the Isolated Margin and Cross Margin modes are the same:

  1. Access the Isolated Margin page.
  2. Transfer your principal amount (the margin) into your Isolated Margin Account.
  3. Borrow funds.
  4. Trade, then close your positions (using a long position as an example).
  5. Repay the borrowed funds.

1. Access the Isolated Margin page.

Open the KuCoin app, select Trade → Margin Trading → Isolated Margin.

Isolated margin app1.png

Tap on the trading pair icon menu on the left for more, and choose the Isolated Margin trading pair (for example, BTC/USDT).

Isolated margin app2.pngIsolated margin app3.png

2. Transfer your principal amount (the margin) into your Isolated Margin Account.

On the trading interface, tap the Transfer icon.

Isolated margin app4.png

In the transfer interface that pops up, select an Isolated Margin trading pair (such as BTC/USDT), then transfer assets into your Isolated Margin Account to serve as your margin.

Isolated margin app5.png

3. Borrow funds.

On the trading interface, tap the Borrow button. In the popped-up borrowing page, select a Currency Type, enter an amount, and tap Confirm.

Isolated margin app6.pngIsolated margin app7.png

4. Trade, then close your position (using a long position as an example).

Trading: Let's use a buy trade with the BTC/USDT trading pair as an example. On the trading interface, use the USDT you borrowed to buy BTC.

Closing Positions: Using a sell trade as an example, wait for the price of BTC to increase, then convert the BTC you purchased earlier back to USDT. You can swiftly close your positions by using the Close All button.

(The steps for margin trading are the same as for spot trading. In addition, margin trades and spot trades share the same depth.)

Isolated margin app 8.pngIsolated margin app 9.png


On the trading interface, you can select Auto-Borrow or Auto-Repay. Refer to Understanding the Auto-Borrow, Auto-Repay, and Auto-Renew Functions in Margin Trading to learn more about the steps on how to borrow, trade, and repay your loans.

5. Repayment.

After realizing your profits, tap Repay in the trading interface to repay your loans (inclusive of interest). In the pop-up window for repaying your liabilities, select the currency, enter an amount, and tap Repay to successfully clear any outstanding amounts.

Isolated margin app 10.pngIsolated margin app 11.png