How to deposit EUR via SEPA(On APP)

Please follow the steps below to deposit EUR via SEPA and buy crypto with Balance:

Step 1. Download and sign up an account through the KuCoin App.

Step 2. Complete KYC verification.

Tap the avatar to enter your profile page. Tap ‘KYC Verification’ and follow the instructions to complete the KYC2 process. (Please make sure you complete the KYC2 verification before using Fiat Account as it is compulsory.)

Step 3. Select the EUR to deposit and complete the payment.

3.1 Go to ‘Assets’ >> ‘Deposit’ >> ‘Fiat currency’, and select EUR to deposit.


3.2 Click ‘Bank Transfer (SEPA)’, enter the amount of EUR, then click ‘Deposit’. There will be a confirmation box and click ‘continue’ to proceed.


3.3 Please read your payment details carefully to complete a transfer from your bank account.

1) Please make sure to use the IBAN (which will be shown at the deposit page) to deposit.

(If you are required to type reference code, please update your app firstly)

2)Is it possible to make a SWIFT transfer instead? 

Please note that bank transfers through SWIFT are not supported. Additional fees may incur, and it may take longer to return the funds to your account in this case. As such, please confirm that you are NOT using SWIFT when you make the transfer.