What is Gembox?

KuCoin is pleased to announce that we are about to launch a new feature of GemBox, which will be with you in late May, stay tuned! 


What is GemBox?

KuCoin calculates the most traded coins on the platform once an hour and highlights them in GemBox.

To ensure that we highlight coins most traded by actual users, we evaluate the popularity of coins based on the total number of traders in the previous hour. The popularity of a coin is scored out of10.Ascore greater than 4 is considered popular, while a score greater than 8 is considered very popular.

You can explore trading opportunities for these popular coins by clicking the Trade button to trade them or just to add them to your favorites for further analysis. 


What is Highlighted?

Coins many become the most traded due to bull news, robust performance at the opening of its market, or a sudden spike in a short period. KuCoin highlights the current most popular coin to provide traders with information on its performance and help them to make trading decisions.


🚀🚀Want to know more? We are coming soon~~

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What is Gembox?