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Trade USDD To Share $100,000!  

2022/07/04 11:18:08Avisos

Dear KuCoin Users, 

To thank everyone for their support of USDD, we will be launching a campaign to give away a USDD reward pool worth $100,000 to qualified KuCoin users.  

Activity Time: 10:00:00 on July 4, 2022 ~ 10:00:00 on July 8, 2022 (UTC)

Activity A: Complete USDD trading tasks in Rewards Hub (the first Challenge Task )to win $25,000 worth of USDD/TRX Rate-Up Coupons and up to 100% Trading Bot Rebate Coupon.

Daily Trading Volume (USDD) Trading Bot Rebate Ratio (Per Coupon) Rate Up Ratio
(Per Coupon)
≥200 50% TRX Flexible +50%
≥1,000 100% USDD Flexible +100%

Activity B: Trade USDD (spot&margin)To Share 75,000 USDD

Users who are on the daily Top 10 trading volume rank will share 15,000 USDD in proportion to the Top 10 users’ USDD trading volume on the T+1day

Rewards Distribution:

1) For Activity A: All users who complete USDD trading tasks in Rewards Hub will receive a Trading Bot Rebate Coupon immediately from Rewards Hub. The rebate ratio for each coupon is 50% (the first level) and 100% (the second level). 

2) For Activity A: 200/400 lucky users who complete the trading task level 1/level 2 will be selected on the T+1 day to receive 50%/100% KuCoin Earn Rate-Up Coupons during the activity. First come, first serve. Please pay attention to your mobile KuCoin app notification. 

3) For Activity B: Users can trade directly in KuCoin without the Rewards Hub. The ranking and reward information will be published on the T+1 day via this official announcement. USDD rewards will be distributed to the winners’ KuCoin Main account after Activity B ends. 

4) All the USDD trading pairs are eligible: USDD/USDT, USDD/USDC, USDD/TRX. 

5) Rate-Up Coupons are available for USDD and TRX products in KuCoin Earn

6) Rate-Up Coupons will be valid within 14 days upon receiving.

7) Trading Bot Rebate coupons are available for Classic&Futures Grid trading. 

8) For all the above rewards, users could enjoy them more than once. 

9) This activity is only for normal users.

10) Rewards will not be issued to any duplicate or fake accounts, as well as accounts that have been found cheating or engaging in any other fraudulent behavior. 

The KuCoin Team