Announcement of XRP Holders receiving SPARK airdrops

2020-11-25 22:52:21--

Dear KuCoin users,

KuCoin will support the SPARK Airdrop Program and distribute SPARK airdrops to XRP holders.

KuCoin will handle the airdrop as follows:

At 06:00:00 on December 12,2020 (UTC+8), KuCoin will suspend the XRP deposit and withdrawal services. Trading services will not be affected.

At about 08:00:00 on December 12,2020 (UTC+8), KuCoin will take a snapshot of the user's position of XRP. The exact Snapshot time will be announced by Flare Network.

*The deposit and withdrawal of XRP will reopen after the Snapshot.

The airdropped SPARK amount for XPR holders will be calculated as follows:

Number of SPARK airdrops obtained by users = Number of SPARK obtained by KuCoin * Percentage of user holdings.

Percentage of user holdings = the number of users' XRP holdings / the total number of XRP holdings of KuCoin.


1.The snapshot will include XRP balances in main accounts, trading accounts and margin accounts, except for lending and borrowing loans.

2.The SPARK airdrops will be distributed to the users’ trading accounts.

3.The trading service of SPARK will only be opened after SPARK goes through the listing review process of KuCoin.

4.The opening hours of SPARK deposit and withdrawal services will be announced separately.

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team