KuCoin Celebrates Two Year Anniversary and the Launch of Pool-X with $40,000 Giveaway!

KuCoin has been striving to bring more benefits to users. As a way to reward new and regular users of the exchange, enrich the rights of KCS holders, and welcome the launch of the new incubation product Pool-X, KuCoin has decided to purchase $40,000 worth of POL from the KuCoin trading market to distribute on the 3rd day after the POL/USDT trade pair has opened.

2019/09/20 15:28:36
Introducing Pool-X: The Next Generation PoS Mining Pool

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Pool-X’s trial version.

2019/08/30 14:58:36
Pool-X Legal Statement

Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the same meaning as the defined terms in the User Service Agreement.

2019/08/30 16:52:28
Pool-X Privacy Policy

1. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you and provide you with an understanding of how Pool-X (“Pool-X” or “we” or “us” or “our”) handles, collects, uses, discloses and deals with personal data about you (“User”) that you give us, that we receive through third parties or that is in our possession. Further, this Privacy Policy governs the manner in which Pool-X collects, uses, maintains and/or discloses personal data collected from Users of the website (“Site”). To provide you with our Services, we might need (and sometimes obliged by the law) to collect your personal data.

2019/08/30 16:53:10
Pool-X Terms of Use

Please read these Terms of Use and the Legal Statement carefully. By clicking the “Start now” button or by accessing or using any service made available by us, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms of Use (including all the activity rules issued by Pool-X), the Privacy Policy and all terms incorporated by reference in the foregoing.

2019/09/08 22:46:59