Change Log, 18th, October

Major changes:: Added Portuguese to the language list Added over 30 fiats to the fiat price list Minor changes: Optimized the depth graph so that… Continue ReadingChange Log, 18th, October

2017/10/18 20:17:03
Kucoin will list VeChain (VEN) on 25th, October

Kucoin will list VeChain (VEN) on 25th, October. The upcoming markets including VEN/BTC and VEN/ETH. Users can start depositing VEN to Kucoin at 12:00, 19th,… Continue ReadingKucoin will list VeChain (VEN) on 25th, October

2017/10/18 17:13:58
Deposit and withdrawal of QTUM resumed

We have updated the QTUM wallet to mainnet, users can deposit and withadrawal the new QTUM asset right now. Please be aware that QTUM is… Continue ReadingDeposit and withdrawal of QTUM resumed

2017/10/18 12:13:56
Kucoin will add KCS/USDT trading pair on 18th, October

Kucoin will add KCS/USDT trading pair on 18th, October, users can start trading from 12:00, 18th, October (UTC +8).

2017/10/16 23:43:41
0% fee rate promotion in WTC and HSR markets for a month

We are adjusting the trading fee rate of WTC and HSR markets including WTC/BTC and the upcoming HSR/ETH and HSR/BTC trading pairs to 0%. This… Continue Reading0% fee rate promotion in WTC and HSR markets for a month

2017/10/16 22:07:31
Change Log, 15th, October

Major changes:: New feature: Group the orders by decimals New feature: Mail notifications of deposit and withdrawal Added fiat prices to ETH and USDT market… Continue ReadingChange Log, 15th, October

2017/10/15 19:37:42
Change Log, 13th, October

Major changes: Implement TradingView as our new graph which has a lot of extended features. Minor changes: Optimize several buttons on the the upper right… Continue ReadingChange Log, 13th, October

2017/10/13 17:51:11
Sign up Guide

How to sign up kucoin please use your email address to sign up ,if you have an invitation code, you can input the code… Continue ReadingSign up Guide

2017/10/13 13:02:19
Google 2FA Guide

How to enable Google 2FA First, you need to log in your kucoin account, click on “Settings-Google 2-step”to get the QRcode or the key. Second,… Continue ReadingGoogle 2FA Guide

2017/10/13 12:50:08
Walton(WTC) gets listed on KuCoin!

Dear Users, KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. Walton(WTC) is now available on KuCoin. Supported trading… Continue ReadingWalton(WTC) gets listed on KuCoin!

2017/10/12 16:17:25