KuCoin Will Open USDT-ERC20 and USDT-TRON Deposit and Withdrawal Services

KuCoin is going to upgrade the KuCoin APP, website, and OpenAPI by May 8th, 15:00, 2019 (UTC+8) to offer the USDT-ERC20 (USDT based on ERC20 agreement) deposit as well as the USDT-TRON (USDT based on TRC20 agreement) deposit and withdrawal services for users.

2019/05/07 18:05:45
KuCoin Launches Indian Community

Our aim is to provide all users with better quality service. To achieve this, KuCoin has now launched our India Community.

2019/05/05 17:09:40
The USDT-TRON Incentive Plan Postponed

As the Tron project side delayed the USDT-TRON incentive plan (USDT-TRON airdrop), KuCoin originally planned to postpone the activity page on May 6th

2019/05/05 16:31:42
AVA/NEO Trading Pair is Available on KuCoin

We are happy to announce the launch of AVA/NEO trading pair into the NEO markets! You can start trading now.

2019/04/30 18:04:12
Matrix AI Network (MAN) Holdings Competition, 300,000 MAN to Give Away!

To celebrate the official launch of MainNet Matrix AI Network, the MAN team has provided a total of 300,000 MAN to be airdropped to MAN holders who are holding 100 MAN or more on KuCoin.

2019/04/29 18:44:47
Announcement of Trias (TRY) Token Sale on KuCoin Spotlight

KuCoin will launch the next round of the Spotlight token sale with Trias (TRY) on 14/5/2019 (UTC+8). Meanwhile, based on the principle of fairness and justice, the TRY token sale will follow a new lottery format, and there will not be first come first serve purchases available. (see below).

2019/05/01 16:48:43
Electroneum (ETN) Upgrade Completed: Deposit and Withdrawal Services Now Open

KuCoin has completed the upgrade of ETN, and the deposit and withdrawal functions are now open.

2019/04/28 23:34:05
Electroneum (ETN) Deposit and Withdrawal Temporarily Closed

Due to Electroneum (ETN) wallet system upgrade, we have decided to temporarily close deposits and withdrawals for ETN. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during the maintenance.

2019/04/28 10:41:25
KuCoin to Support USDT-TRON And USDT-ERC20

KuCoin will be supporting TRC20-based USDT Tokens (USDT-TRON) and ERC20-based USDT Tokens (USDT-ERC20) from early May.

2019/04/30 10:17:05
KuCoin Introduces Sub-Account Feature

KuCoin is very proud to announce that the release of our Sub-Account feature, users will be able to create and manage multiple sub-accounts through a KuCoin Master account.

2019/04/26 18:55:19