February VTHO Distribution for VET Holders Completed

KuCoin has distributed all VTHO for VET holders for the month of February. Users can check their accounts by going to Assets >My Bonus and check the Other Rewards.

2019/03/21 19:07:12
Introducing KuCoin Spotlight

KuCoin Spotlight will officially announce its first Spotlight project within this week. The Spotlight token sale is on a first-come, first-served basis. The sale will be based on KCS and the actual price in KCS will be announced on the day of sale.

2019/03/20 19:31:21
#MetaHash (MHC) Trading Competition: Win 5 BTC!

Users will be ranked in terms of the total MHC volume traded on KuCoin (including both buys and sells) across all MHC trading pairs during the competition period. Only users who trade greater than or equal to 1000 MHC volume will be eligible to split the 5 BTC rewards pool.

2019/03/25 19:25:20
MHC/USDT Trading Pair is Available on KuCoin

We are happy to announce the launch of MHC/USDT trading pair into the SC markets! You can start trading now.

2019/03/20 19:03:30
KuCoin Update of Projects Listed in the KuCoin Plus Trading Area

KuCoin is dedicated to creating a healthy exchange ecosystem, investigating high-quality projects and utilizing resources to better serve our users.

2019/03/19 18:27:54
KuCoin - BitUniverse “Grid Trading” Competition: 1 BTC + 10,000 KCS

To celebrate the successful upgrade of KuCoin 2.0 and the partnership with BitUniverse, we have, together with the KuCoin Team, committed a total of 1 BTC and 10,000 KCS in prizes to give away to our users worldwide!

2019/03/19 17:45:25
KuCoin Will Support The Zilliqa (ZIL) MainNet Token Swap

KuCoin is pleased to inform you that we will support the Zilliqa (ZIL) MainNet Token Swap and we will help all ZIL holders on KuCoin to complete the token swap process.

2019/03/19 11:07:27
KuCoin Maintenance of ZPT Complete: Deposit and Withdrawal Services Now Open

KuCoin has completed the Maintenance of ZPT, and the deposit and withdrawal functions are now open.

2019/03/18 10:47:51
KuCoin Newest Ambassadors - CV Labs & Tokengate

We are excited to announce that CV Labs & Tokengate have joined hands with KuCoin to become our newest Global Titan Ambassadors. Switzerland together with Liechtenstein is home to over 750 blockchain-related companies, with many pioneers and pace-setters among them. Located in the heart of Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland, Tokengate and CV Labs, together with other partners, are dedicated to helping blockchain-related companies by providing a wide range of services from business and technology advisory to project financing with Tokengate. Through this partnership, we will work closely to discover more “hidden gems” and bring them to the world before anyone else.

2019/03/15 21:55:52
March BTT Airdrop Distribution for TRX Holders Completed

KuCoin has distributed all BTT for TRX holders for the month of March 2019. Users can check their accounts by going to Assets >My Bonus and check the Other Rewards.

2019/03/15 16:44:25