How to Deposit Crypto to KuCoin

Deposits involve transferring your existing cryptocurrencies to the KuCoin platform. Begin by withdrawing the assets from their original source, and then deposit them into your KuCoin account. Deposits made within KuCoin are labeled as “Internal Transfers”, while deposits from external blockchains are trackable in detail on the blockchain. Currently, you can perform direct deposits to your Funding Account, Trading Account, or Sub-Account. Learn about the features of each account here. For the deposit page, click here


How to Deposit:

1. Follow the instructions and complete Identity Verification (KYC). Verify now

2. Once done, head to the deposit page to obtain the details needed to deposit your assets.

Web: From the top right navigation bar, select Assets → Deposit



App: On the homepage, select Deposit from the grid. Or, select Assets → Deposit

Next, enter the deposit page. Select your cryptocurrency from the dropdown, or search it by name or the blockchain network. Then, select the account you wish to deposit to.

If you wish to switch deposit accounts, select Edit next to the Deposit to account.


  • Choose the correct deposit network. The selected network must match the withdrawal platform's network. Otherwise, your funds may be lost and unrecoverable.
  • The available networks depend on the external withdrawal wallet or those supported by the platform. For example, if the external platform only supports ERC-20 networks, then you must choose the ERC-20 as your depositing blockchain.
  • Do not merely pursue the lowest transaction fee network on the withdrawal platform for withdrawals. Instead, choose one compatible with the deposit platform. For instance, ERC-20 tokens can only be sent to other ERC-20 addresses, and KCC tokens can only be sent to other KCC addresses. Incompatible or mismatched networks will result in the loss of your funds.
  • When withdrawing from your platform, certain networks require you to include additional information, such as a memo or tag. Make sure you include it to prevent losing your assets.

    XLM deposit.png

On the deposit page:
All ERC-20 cryptocurrencies have their own unique contract address. This is essentially the identity code for the type of asset. Make sure the contract address of the asset you’re depositing matches the one listed on KuCoin. Do not enter the contract address as the deposit address on the withdrawal platform. This will lead to the loss of your assets.
To avoid asset loss, please deposit more than the minimum deposit amount required by KuCoin, as displayed on the page. You should also factor in the potential withdrawal fees from other platforms, which may cause the final deposit amount to be insufficient.
To improve your deposit experience, KuCoin now supports the early credit of certain assets once the minimum block confirmation requirements are met. Once you see the assets in your account, you can immediately trade or use them on our platform. Once there are enough block confirmations for the withdrawal, the deposited assets will be recognized by the exchange for your use.

After you confirm your deposit request, the transfer is processed. Its confirmation time varies based on the current traffic on the blockchain network. Once confirmed, the funds will be credited to your personal KuCoin account. You can check the status of your deposits under “Deposit History”. You’ll receive notifications on your deposit results via platform messages and email. You can also log in to the KuCoin platform to view your deposit history for the past year.


Special Notes:

1. To ensure a smooth deposit, always check on KuCoin’s platform to see if the deposit function for the asset is active before sending any funds. Currency types and networks are periodically maintained and may undergo upgrades.

2. Some currencies, such as BEP20-ETH and LUNC, incur a deposit fee. Please check the details on the deposit page.

3. The USDT transaction fees for each individual chain are calculated based on the net deposit amount (deposits minus withdrawals) over a period. If the net deposit exceeds the free quota, an excess fee of 0.1% is charged. It's advisable to check your remaining free quota before making a deposit.

4. For any important deposit information, you’ll be alerted with on-page pop-ups or highlights.
pop up EN.png

5. KuCoin supports specific blockchains for depositing digital assets, with some currencies only supported on the ERC-20 chain, and others only on the BEP-20 or main network chain. Please only use the supported blockchains to deposit your assets. If you’re still unsure if a blockchain is supported for a specific cryptocurrency, please check with customer support to verify.


Thanks for being with us, and we wish you a smooth deposit experience on the KuCoin platform!