How to Swap Cryptos With Zero Fees on KuCoin Convert

How to Swap Cryptos With Zero Fees on KuCoin Convert

KuCoin Convert allows users to instantly swap one cryptocurrency for another without incurring any trading fees​. This guide helps you understand how to use KuCoin Convert to swap coins with zero fees.

With an ever-expanding library of nearly 100 tokens, including recent additions like FLR, CGPT, IMX, and XLM, KuCoin Convert aims to empower users to swap coins hassle-free with no fees. 


What Is KuCoin Convert? 

KuCoin Convert is a one-click service where you can exchange your cryptos with 0 fees. It was created to be a more convenient way to exchange cryptos for beginners and users that don’t require advanced trading settings and order types. 


Users can swap one cryptocurrency for another instantly without the need for traditional spot trading. It offers several advantages, making it a popular choice for beginners and experienced users alike.


Why Choose KuCoin Convert?

  • Zero Fees: Unlike regular trading on KuCoin, there are no trading fees associated with using Convert. This makes it particularly attractive for smaller transactions or users seeking to minimize costs.

  • Simplicity: The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, requiring only a few clicks to choose the currencies and the amount you want to swap. It eliminates the need for complex order types and market analysis.

  • Instant Execution: Conversions happen instantly, providing immediate access to your desired cryptocurrency without waiting for orders to be filled.

  • Best Market Price: Enjoy deep liquidity and KuCoin’s superior order matching engine when you use the KuCoin Convert feature to swap tokens on our platform. 

  • Supported Coins: KuCoin Convert currently supports more than 110 popular cryptocurrencies, allowing for diverse swapping options.

  • Multiple Funding Options: You can use your Trading Account, Funding Account, or a combination of both to initiate conversions, offering flexibility depending on where you hold your crypto.

KuCoin Convert vs. Spot Trading: Which is Better for You? 

KuCoin offers two distinct trading interfaces: KuCoin Convert and Spot Trading, each designed to cater to the unique needs of different investors within the crypto ecosystem. KuCoin Convert is a feature that allows users to instantly swap one cryptocurrency for another without incurring any trading fees​​. On the other hand, KuCoin Spot Tradin empowers users to buy and sell more than 800 coins using various order types and market analysis tools​​.


KuCoin Convert: Simplified, Fee-Free Swapping

KuCoin Convert stands out for its user-friendly approach to cryptocurrency exchange. It's perfect for those who prioritize speed and cost-effectiveness over intricate trading strategies. With zero fees, locked-in prices, and one-click trading, it offers a straightforward path for swapping cryptocurrencies without needing to navigate the spot market's complexities​​.


Spot Trading: Tailored for All Traders

KuCoin's Spot Trading platform is designed to cater to a wide range of traders, from beginners seeking straightforward entry into the crypto market to advanced users looking for in-depth analysis and strategic trading options. It offers an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, making it accessible to users of all levels. 


With features that allow for detailed market analysis, the use of advanced order types, and strategies for precise entry and exit points, it's an ideal tool for traders aiming to optimize their market positions. Supporting nearly 800 cryptocurrencies, KuCoin Spot Trading provides a diverse selection of tokens, from popular choices to niche altcoins, ensuring traders can access a broader range of cryptocurrencies at market or limit prices.


Choosing Between KuCoin Convert and Spot Trading

  • For Quick and Fee-Free Crypto Swapping: KuCoin Convert is your best bet if you're looking for a hassle-free way to swap cryptos without incurring any fees.

  • For Detailed Trading and Analysis: If your strategy involves detailed market analysis or you're interested in a wider selection of cryptocurrencies, KuCoin's Spot Trading platform provides the tools and options you need.

Both products are designed with the end goal of cryptocurrency exchange in mind but cater to different strategies and trading goals.


How to Use KuCoin Convert via the KuCoin App

Step 1: Access KuCoin Convert 

Start on the home screen of your KuCoin app. Locate the Convert icon in the top panel by swiping left. For web users, the Convert tool is easily accessible under the Trade menu.



Step 2: Select Your Payment Account

Choose the account from which you want to convert cryptocurrencies. You can swap between your Funding and Trading accounts to ensure a versatile and convenient transaction process​​.



Step 3: Select Cryptocurrencies for Conversion

Use the intuitive coin selection tool to pick the cryptocurrency you wish to convert from and to. A convenient search feature helps you find the desired crypto quickly. 



Remember: Converting cryptos using KuCoin Convert is free of any fees, providing a cost-efficient trading experience​​.


Step 4: Finalize Your Conversion

Review your conversion details thoroughly before confirming. A final check ensures you are satisfied with the conversion specifics, including the amount and the cryptocurrencies involved.



How to Use KuCoin Convert on Web 

Step 1: Access KuCoin Convert

To start, navigate to the KuCoin web interface and select the Convert tool from the top menu under Trade. This action takes you to the KuCoin Convert page, your gateway to hassle-free crypto swaps​​.



Step 2: Select Cryptocurrencies and Payment Account

Once in the KuCoin Convert interface, choose the cryptocurrency you wish to convert from and to. The platform lets you view your past conversion history and the current market prices for your selected cryptocurrencies. For added flexibility, you can switch between your Funding and Trading accounts, depending on where your funds are stored​​.



Step 3: Finalize Your Conversion

Enter the amount you wish to convert, with the option to select Max for the highest possible amount based on your balance. KuCoin Convert provides a live estimate of the crypto you'll receive, ensuring transparency. After reviewing your order summary, confirm your trade to complete the conversion process.



Key Considerations When Using KuCoin Convert 

  • While there are no trading fees, KuCoin Convert uses a market spread to determine the exchange rate. This means you may receive less than the quoted price due to the spread.

  • The minimum conversion amount varies depending on the chosen currencies.

  • Convert is not available for fiat-to-crypto or crypto-to-fiat conversions.


KuCoin Convert simplifies the crypto conversion, offering users a straightforward, fee-free option. Whether through the app or web interface, swapping crypto is intuitive and straightforward. By following this guide and leveraging KuCoin's diverse trading tools, you can navigate the crypto market with confidence and efficiency.


We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any other questions, please contact our 24/7 customer support via online chat or submit a ticket. Additionally, follow KuCoin Learn for more crypto trading and investing content and KuCoin-specific guides!


Happy trading on KuCoin!


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KuCoin Convert FAQs 

1. What Are the KuCoin Convert Trading Fees?

KuCoin Convert allows users to swap cryptocurrencies with zero trading fees. This feature ensures that traders can exchange their assets without additional cost, making it an attractive option for those looking to manage their crypto portfolio​​efficiently.


2. Why Does My KuCoin Convert Tool "Pay" Field Say "Insufficient Balance"?

If you encounter an "Insufficient Balance" message, ensure you've selected the correct cryptocurrency you intend to convert. Additionally, verify your account by checking the "Available Balance" button. This ensures that you have the necessary funds in the proper account for the conversion​​.


3. Why Isn't the Cryptocurrency I Want to Trade Available to Swap Via KuCoin Convert?

KuCoin Convert supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies for conversion. If the specific asset you're looking to trade isn't available, it may be due to the selective availability of coins in the Convert tool. In such cases, KuCoin's Spot Trading platform offers an alternative with a broader selection of cryptocurrencies for trading, ensuring you can trade your desired asset​​​​.