Announcement Regarding the Deposit and Withdrawal Services of Mainnet ACALA (ACA) Tokens

2022/10/08 02:05:42お知らせ

Dear KuCoin Users, 

It is noticed that the Acala network has now resumed. However, based on our investigation, the Acala Foundation has not yet re-collateralized all error mint aUSD tokens.

Therefore, per our previous announcement, KuCoin will adjust the deposit and withdrawal services of mainnet ACALA (ACA) tokens as below:

1. The deposit service of aUSD is open now, while the withdrawal service of aUSD remains closed.

2. The deposit and withdrawal services of ACA are now open.

3. The withdrawal service of ACA DOT is now open, while the deposit service of ACA DOT remains closed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you informed of any updates. Please do your own risk assessment when investing in any cryptocurrencies.   

For further information on the aUSD incident, please refer to: 

Announcement Regarding the Resuming Operations of Acala Network

KuCoin Announcement to the Acala Community Regarding the aUSD Incident

The KuCoin Team

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