Announcement Regarding the Adjustment of Price Increment of AXS3S/USDT

2022/12/07 02:43:12घोषणाएँ

Dear KuCoin Users,

In order to increase market liquidity and improve trading experience, KuCoin is going to adjust the price increment unit (API symbol: priceIncrement) of AXS3S/USDT at 03:00:00 on December 08, 2022 (UTC), which will be more reasonable and beneficial for matchmaking tradeoff.

Trading pairCurrent price incrementNew price increment
AXS3S/USDT4 digits 0.00016 digits 0.000001

For example, the minimum order price that is greater than 0.8 before the adjustment of the price increment of AXS3S/USDT is 0.8001 (supports 4 digits), and after adjustment is 0.800001 (supports 6 digits)

Open Orders (including WEB, APP and API) before price increment adjustment of the above trading pair will not be affected and continue to be matched.

For API users, please be noted that the adjustments of price increment may result in errors when you place orders. If your trading pair is included in the list below, please adjust parameters properly to ensure the smooth transaction.

Thanks for your understanding and support!

The KuCoin Team

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