Winner list of “BTC Price Prediction Game”-0630

2022/07/04 07:44:39Ankündigungen

Dear KuCoin Users, 

Thank you for your support, we are very proud to announce the winner list of “BTC Price Prediction Game: Win 1,000,000 USDT”.  

06/30/2022 Jackpot winner list:  

Round Closing Price Win Price Winner
1 19433.5 19433.65 Fuse
2 19120.4 19120.4 Pdragon
3 19151.1 19151 aa**@**.com
4 18942 18942 **0954
5 19818.5 19818.1 duyduy
6 19677.5 19677.7 al**@**.com

Due to the system upgrade, the rewards distribution will be delayed to July 04(UTC). Thank you for your understanding and support!  

If rewards distribution is completed, we will publish announcement.  

Announcement: BTC Price Prediction Game: Win 1,000,000 USDT

Event Page:

Thank you for your support! 

The KuCoin Team 

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