RLTM-30D Fixed Promotion, Enjoy an APR of 200%!​

RLTM-30D Fixed Promotion, Enjoy an APR of 200%!​

10/24/2023, 09:15:29

Dear KuCoin Users,

KuCoin Earn will be launching the RLTM Fixed Promotion at 10:00:00 on October 24, 2023 (UTC). The available product is “RLTM-30D” with an APR of 200%.

The details can be found in the table below:

Staking ProductSubscription Period (UTC)Staking Period (UTC)Expected APRSoft Cap of Single User
Hard Cap of Single User

Hard Cap of the Whole Platform



How to Participate: During the promotion period, all KuCoin users can go to the KuCoin Earn website and choose their desired product to stake.


  1. Users must be registered on KuCoin to join this promotion.
  2. During the subscription period, no rewards of the staked assets will be generated.
  3. The user hereby confirms that participating in the KuCoin Earn activity is voluntary, and the KuCoin Group has not forced, interfered with, or influenced the user's decision in any way.
  4. If the users choose to redeem their subscribed Fixed Promotion product in advance (If applicable), the actual redemption amount will be returned to their Main Account. The actual redemption amount is the total asset to be redeemed, deducting all distributed rewards obtained for the subscribed assets during the promotion period. Actual Redemption Amount = Subscription Amount - Distributed Rewards Amount.
  5. The APR, Soft/Hard Cap of Single User, and Hard Cap of the Whole Platform might be adjusted according to market conditions and risk levels.

Risk Warning: KuCoin Earn is a risk investment channel. Investors should be sensible in their participation and be aware of investment risks. The KuCoin Group is not liable for users’ investment gains or losses. The information we provide is for users to conduct their own research. It is not investment advice. The KuCoin Group reserves the right to the final interpretation of the activity. KuCoin is not responsible for any loss of assets caused by the user's own investment decisions or related behaviors, and the user should assume full responsibility.

Thank you for your support!

The KuCoin Earn Team

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