Get the Edge with StarkNet (STRK) on KuCoin Pre-Market: Trade Before the Rest

Get the Edge with StarkNet (STRK) on KuCoin Pre-Market: Trade Before the Rest

02/15/2024, 08:00:00

Dear Valued KuCoin User,

We are excited to add another groundbreaking project to the KuCoin Pre-Market trading platform.

Introducing Starknet to KuCoin Pre-Market

Starknet is a Validity-Rollup (aka ZK-Rollup) Layer 2 network that operates on top of Ethereum, enabling dApps to massively scale without compromising on security.

Mark Your Calendars: Pre-Market Trading Schedule for STRK

Start Time: Trading kicks off at 8:00 UTC on February 15, 2024.

Delivery Schedule: More details will be announced shortly.

We urge you to keep an eye on the delivery schedule updates, as adhering to the timeline is crucial for a seamless trading experience. Please be aware that not following the delivery schedule could lead to the loss of your collateral.

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The inclusion of STRK tokens on our Pre-Market platform represents a significant step forward, providing our users with the chance to get their hands on Starknet tokens before they become available for spot trading. This exclusive access allows our users to secure STRK tokens ahead of the market and to lock in their purchase prices early, marking an innovative advancement in our trading offerings.

Thank you for your continued trust in KuCoin as your preferred trading platform. We eagerly anticipate your participation in this unique trading opportunity.

Best regards,

The KuCoin Team