Deposit To Earn KuCoin VIP Level Upgrades

Deposit To Earn KuCoin VIP Level Upgrades

2023/09/15 14:27:14

Dear KuCoin Users

The September special deposit activity opens now! Earn KuCoin’s VIP position for 30 days by depositing funds to KuCoin.

Campaign Period: From 00:00:00 on September 14, 2023 to 23:59:59 on September 30, 2023 (UTC)

During the campaign period, all users who meet the following requirements will be granted a chance to apply for a VIP level upgrade depending on their net deposit volume (deposits - withdrawals x price) and their 7-day average account balance.

Users have to go to the landing page below and click the register button to participate in this activity.

The VIP level upgrade requirement is as follows:

VIP LevelDeposit Requirements7-days Average Account Balance Requirements
VIP 1≥100,000 USDT≥100,000 USDT
VIP 2≥200,000 USDT≥200,000 USDT
VIP 3≥300,000 USDT≥300,000 USDT
VIP 4≥600,000 USDT≥600,000 USDT
VIP 5≥1,000,000 USDT≥1,000,000 USDT
VIP 6≥1,500,000 USDT≥1,500,000 USDT
VIP 7≥2,500,000 USDT≥2,500,000 USDT
VIP 8≥4,500,000 USDT≥4,500,000 USDT
VIP 9≥7,200,000 USDT≥7,200,000 USDT
VIP 10≥12,000,000 USDT≥12,000,000 USDT
VIP 11≥20,000,000 USDT≥20,000,000 USDT
VIP 12≥30,000,000 USDT≥30,000,000 USDT

Terms and Conditions

  • Users must complete their KYC verification to participate and register for this activity;
  • The 7-day average account balance is calculated as the arithmetic mean of the participant’s account balance over consecutive 7 days;
  • KuCoin reserves the right to interpret this activity;
  • Welcome to connect with us on telegram for further assistance (@KuCoin_VIP_KA).


The KuCoin VIP Team

Telegram: @KuCoin_VIP_KA